Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Six...

Another week and again I pause to say "thank you" for all things! Nothing really big happened this week, but its fun to share the small things too,
1- Kensay (Ken & Lindsay) called Friday and said they were going to come out for a sleepover. I told them I was supposed to meet up with Chad for dinner but they could come and I would be home around 7. So they got on their way....Then Chad called and said "stay there Mom I am coming home" So they all arrived here around 5 and we had a big sleepover! We BBQ'd burgers and I made beans and apple pie.We enjoyed each others company so much! I had plenty of food on hand and made a big breakfast the next day! My mom would be proud.She always had enough to feed a crowd at any time and Greeks think that is of utmost importance! It was a fun surprise and we love visitors!

2- Trader Joes frozen mini croissants!! These are a MUST have to have on hand. They come in a package of 8 and you let them proof overnight. You bake them in the morning and have the most flaky, yummy, big french croissants. There is just nothing better with jam and butter.

3- My yard is in full bloom. Today while I was out watering and weeding I smelled the most amazing smells in my yard. We have night blooming jasmine by our porch and it is so aromatic! I was thinking how man with all our technology can not improve on Gods handiwork. There is no way to duplicate the sweet smell of His creation!

4- I saw an interview with Bob Woodruffs wife on Bonnie Hunt. Bonnie was saying how great Lee Woodruff's new book is and I added it to my "to read" list. She was sharing that after her husbands brain injury they learned the importance of being in the moment and being thankful. She sugessted at least four times a week just stand still and soak life in.Little truths, simply shared, but those nuggets sink deep in my heart. I know that blogging has helped me do that. It makes you aware of the 'moments' in your life. And for that I am so thankful!

5-My moms group met for dinner on Tuesday. We always have so much fun and I leave feeling so happy. Its often hard to make the time to meet up but it's so worth it! I love you all so much!
And Claim Jumper has grilled artichokes on their menu and they are amazing! I ate every leaf

6-Travis had a accident surfing that could have been so bad.It is such a fear of mine and I pray for he and Chad so often because they live in the water! He was going quite fast and hit his head on a shallow reef. He had a mild concussion but that was all. I thank the Lord for watching out for my kids and for teaching me to trust and not be afraid.The problem with me knowing these things is that I play them back in my mind 100 times and imagine what could have happened. But I continue placing them in Gods hands and trust He has them in His mighty grip.I just love my 3 kids so darn much!

I wish you all a sweet week filled with happy moments. Enjoy your family, friends and many blessings!


G & H said...

That is an awesome surf picture! I am so happy Travis is ok though! ( and I'm sure his beautiful wife is too!) Love you sunday six as always! Have a wonderful blessed week ahead!

Ashlyn Carter said...

A few things...LOVE those croissants. Yum. and i forgot to tell you when I was chatting with you last scared I was when Trav came home! It was so scary, of course I cried and am sooo thankful that was all that happened, but I don't know how Mom's do it. So shooken up!! Praise the Lord he was okay. :)

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

I may have to peek into your pantry to see what you keep on hand to feed the crew~! I am definitely old mother Hubbard here. Cobwebs grow in my oven and my stove top only boils water for tea. I will be making a run to Trader Joe's for sure now.

I must be getting the itch to buy a home because I want a yard and a garden now. It would be nice just to stand still in it and relax and ponder.

Travis looks amazing in this picture and I'm glad is noggin is okay. Like you, I imagine the scene over and over in my head until I drive myself nuts sometimes. I have learned to be better about it because it does wreck being in the now but being a mom means you always have those thoughts somewhere on the back burner. I would say something about his being hard headed..but I will restrain myself. Ha, ha.

Sara Beara said...

I live for your comments! They kill me. I thought of the way Ozzie yells Sharon and my crazed laugh came out. The wedding was a blast and my speech was a big HIT! Thanks for your hugs:)

Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon Thia,

I work for Claim Jumper Restaurants in our Guest Service Department and want to take a moment to personally thank you for recently dining at our restaurant. I am happy to hear you enjoyed the Fire Roasted Artichoke you ordered. Those are my favorite too! I am hoping you will share with me your address as I would like to send you a small gift card to use the next time you dine with us in appreciation of your business.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Warm Regards,
Jamesa Gonzalez

PS. I enjoyed reading your blog as it is very inspirational and leaves you with a warm feeling!