Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I &hearts Artichokes!!!

Have you met my favorite vegetable of all time,The Artichoke? As I was cooking one tonight my friend said she has never had one? What? Never? How does someone get to be"50 something" and never have an artichoke? She wanted to know what they taste like? I don't know they just taste like artichokes. And I have been a long time fan. When I was pregnant with Travis it was the only food that I CRAVED! I had to have one almost every day & I remember they were about 5 dollars each. But I didn't care because they were my pickles & ice cream. I still don't look at the price,I would pay ten dollars for one of these leafy, yummy treats. A customer years back told me a secret about cooking them and I would thank her today if I could. I used to steam them for almost a hour, watching the water level and making sure they didn't scorch. But she taught me to cut off the top of the leaves, cut off the stem and put them leaf side down in a bowl of water. Cover tight with saran wrap and microwave for about 8 minutes. You need to let them sit for 5 minutes, pick them up, squeeze out the water and they will just fall open. My family loves them dipped in a little mayo(it has the be Best Foods) and my daddy loved them with butter. But I seriously can eat them plain. One leaf after the other. And I always split my heart with Steve....
If its been a while since you had one, they are amazing this year!! Be sure to let me know what ya think.


G & H said...

holy moly i LOVE artichokes and havent had a good one since i lived with my mama who made the best ones!

i miss them and will have to try cookin them how you recommeneded!

PS I love them with butter :)

Sarah said...

I have never done the microwave method...I'll try it next time. Yummmmm with Best Foods of course!

Cougarnana said...

You actually spelled out the very reason that I don't eat artichokes...because they are best with mayo or butter and I can't stand either of those. I think the artichoke part could be great but I understand that they just aren't as good without the condiments and I don't eat white things (or slightly yellow, as in butter) mayo, cream cheese, sour cream, milk, basically nothing white UNLESS it's sweet...vanilla ice cream, whip cream, white cake, etc., I LOVE all that! OK, so I've given you way more info than you wanted and I will pass along your cooking method to my friends who eat artichokes, it sounds like a great idea. I almost wish I did eat them because I really love the idea of sharing the heart with the one I love!!

Abby said...

And I love you!

I am so glad you enjoyed the card. I was hoping you would enjoy it! Sorry I made you cry!!

Can we PLEASE do lunch soon?

PS I am pretty sure I am the lucky one with you allowing me to consider you a Momma! You are definitely an amazing one!

Anonymous said...

OMG I have been eating an artichoke every day lately, I just can't get funny. I have the best dip that I have to share with you:
Sour Cream or Greek Yogurt (and it's still good if you use lowfat or fatfree suprisingly!)
about 2 tbs Red wine vinegrette (spelled it wrong I'm sure!)
and dried dill to taste (I always just mix everything together until I like it)
Anyways, if you like dill, this is the best dip ever! I am so glad we share a love for artichokes! Love ya! Kaitlin

Ashlyn Carter said...

forgot to tell you - made these just like this last night. it was a hit!!! xoxo