Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sunday Six... Things for which I am grateful!

Its been a week filled with blessings galore! I feel I am beginning to train my eyes and heart to look for the blessings~Because there are always so many things to be thankful for! Here are six that come to mind.

1- The girls at work and I decided it would be fun to meet up once a month for dinner. Work is so busy it gets hard to really talk. So this week was our first dinner and we had a blast!! There was a really good turn out and we sat and chatted for hours. We are all so different and have such diverse backgrounds but have formed sweet friendships. It was a huge success and we already have our next one on the books!
2-Friends of the library! We have the best used book store next to our fabulous new library. I just love to go in there and browse. The ladies who volunteer are big readers and always know good books to recommend. I left with two new books and only spent $2 dollars! Such a bargain and such a good cause. It's also a great place to donate the books you longer need or want.

3-Chad called Saturday night and I am so proud of him its crazy! He rescued a six year old little girl who was drowning at the beach. He has many rescues in a day but when he rescues a child it really sticks with him because the kids are the ones who are most apt to drown. He always tells me how he remembers me watching them like a hawk when they were little and how he wishes more parents were more careful. He always thanks us for being good parents. So thoughtful and grateful! I really hate to sound 'June' ish but my three kids amaze me!!

4-Steve and I watched "The Ultimate Gift" The girls at work were talking about it and were surprised I had not seen it. I try not to watch movies with James Garner because he reminds me too much of my dad. But my friend brought it and I'm so glad she did.It was a little corny but had such a great message. So many movies are trashy but this was just sweet the whole way through.And James Garner still brings back loving memories of my sweet Daddy. A kind, burly, loving, tender heart bear.

5- Sara did great at the Special Olympics!! She is such a good swimmer and loves to compete and win ribbons. She called to make sure I got her voice messages telling me about her big wins! (Of course and I saved every single one) She is so proud and we are too! Good Job Sara!! In our hearts you always win the GOLD6-Gods Favor! Without going into detail there were a few things really weighing on my heart this last week. And we received notice that one was completely taken care of. And I KNOW that it is only the hand of God that worked this out. So many times I am able to look back and see His hand all over situations in our lives. And what a blessing that my kids have always been able to recognize His working all things together for good. What a comfort to know that the Lord always has us in His mighty grip.

Wishing you all a week filled with wonder, joy, giggles and Gods AMAZING grace!


G & H said...

I love reading thd God favor because even though i dont know whatthe siuation is we kow that in all things God works for the good of those who love him...we are tryingt o patiently wait on him and see what to do !

The Lunds (and a few Koenigs) said...

Oh my gosh, what a week you had. Is your life always like this? I agree with so many things you said. I try and not bawl my eyes out just looking at James Garner and I KNOW that the Lord's hand is in our daily lives. You were so blessed this week. I am thankful that you shared that with us. Made my day.

Cougarnana said...

Another great Sunday Six Sophia! I looked hard to see if I knew any of your girlfriends from work but I didn't recognize anyone. What a fun party! Some days I wish I still was working (not really!) because I sure did love my friends there. I did hear from Pam last! I love it that you are so ga ga over your kids because I am ga ga over mine and sometimes I'm afraid it's just too always make me feel better about being IN LOVE with my children. I know, as you do, that God is all around us, He is in our lives in ways we can not even comprehend, I am so thankful for my faith in and knowledge of Him. Hey, good job Sara!! She looks like she is having the time of her life! I hope you have another wonderful week filled with God's choicest blessings.