Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday Six...

Wow what a week! I'm a day late because its taken this long to digest all the fun this week held! I feel so blessed this morning and overwhelmed with gratitude. Here's this weeks six~

1-Started the week with a visit to see my best friend Sandy. We had lunch, manicures and pedicures, and shopped for a bathing suit. Now remember this is the same girl who helped me with my mother of the groom dress, So I owed her one. There is nothing funnier than two friends trying to decide on a cute swimsuit (of course I was not going anywhere near that challenge) I was there for moral support. Speaking of support we found if you get those little "support" things and put them in the top it really helps. In fact at one point we used two pairs! I suggested duct tape as it would have been much cheaper but she left with the cutlets.(so funny) Sandy is darling and I thought she looked pretty darn cute for a mom of three. Poor Jamie our sales girl at Nordstrom was dying laughing at us. I'm pretty sure we were good birth control for her. After babies thing are just never the same.

2-The Bonnie Hunt Show!! This week I got to see two shows! One with the fun book babes Casey and Kathy and our friend Linda. And the next one with Chloe. We saw Dick Van Dyke and he was amazing! He danced between every segment and was so young at heart. I grew up watching him and LOVED him in so many roles. What a thrill to see him in person. I once again shook Bonnie's hand and chatted a bit.We talked to Holly her BFF too. Its going to be a long summer with no new shows. If I were to sign her yearbook it would say "you're bitchin, thanks for a great year, stay cool and don't ever change.See you in September"

3-Chloe's graduation!!! We went to her ceremony and in true Greek style were the loudest cheering section there. Her sweet friends brought air horns and we all let Chloe know just where we were seated! Then off to a wonderful lunch with her besties and then home to our house for a little family party. We are sooooo P.R.O.U.D of her and can hardly wait to see whats in store for her.

4-A slumber party with Travis and Ashlyn. We celebrated Ashlyns birthday along with the graduation.So we were able to give her the fun gifts we had for her and celebrate her special day too. They spent the night after the party and we just loved having them here. We also loved our grand puppy Bentley! We walked to sweet bean for coffee,played cards, went to dinner, the boys played guitar, and us girls went shopping.It was just the perfect weekend!

5-Last week I blogged about how much I love the Claim Jumper artichoke. Well I got a sweet comment from someone at their corporate office thanking me for the kudos. She was darling and wanted to send me a gift card to enjoy the next time we go.I thought it was the sweetest gesture and the gift card came on Friday! Another reason to love that terrific restaurant because they really do appreciate their customers!

6-Lastly a great tip I got from my friend Kim at work.She told me she bakes her bacon in the oven! I hate to cook bacon because of the mess that it makes, but love to have it when we have company because it smells like a yummy morning. She taught me to lay it out in the pan and bake it at 350 for about 25 minutes. It is PERFECT! You can do the whole pound at one time and it is crispy and yummy with really easy clean up!

Wishing you all a beautiful week filled with love,joy and lots of giggles!


G & H said...

A wonderful week indeed! Hope you have a wonderful day today!!!!

PS Ashlyn's apron is adorable!!!!

And thanks for all the cooking tips I am trying a new salad today with candied walnuts gorgonzola cheese and apples...they said making candied walnuts was easy mine never carmelized but the sugar did somehow disappear so I'm assuming its on the walnuts :)

Anonymous said...

Geez, what a great week! Do you mean that the people at Claim Jumper READ your blog?? If so, I'd be happy to blog about them too, if it means free stuff! How do I get on their list? (HA) I love your little grand puppy, he's soooo cute, we really do need a dog in our family but no one is willing to get one. Congrats to Chloe, WOW what an accomplishment! I'm sure you'll spend a few days going through Bonnie Withdrawal but I promise you'll get over it...the question is...will SHE?? Thanks for sharing your fun week!

a s h l y n . c a r t e r said...

aw! we had a blast! so did bents. he loved your house and was bummed when we got home :) Thank you for all the love fun and gifts we came home with! My beautiful plant is on the front porch and makes me smile every time I see it! xoxo

Melanie said...

Great Sunday Six Karen!! Those pictures of little Bentley are to die for!

Chloe Krikac said...

Awe, what a great six! ~ What a wonderful weekend it was indeed - thanks to YOU!!! Thank you for everything that you did to make my graduation so special. And I'm definitely going to try that method of cooking bacon - how great is that??!!

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

How soon before we can get tickets for Bonnie's first show?! I love the bacon tip. Cooking a whole pound at once and in only 25 will make breakfast burritos so much easier.

It was so wonderful to see Chloe even if only for a few minutes and to tell her congratulations. Such a special person!