Sunday, July 6, 2008

This ones for you Jamie~

My friend Trish has the sweetest daughter "Jamie Bell" She told me she is a visitor of my blog but wanted to know when she is going to be on it.I think she was kidding cause thats what she does best.But since you asked...This blogs for you! I nick-named her "spellcheck" because she loves to catch me with misspelled words.If you ever get a card from her you can bet there will be confetti inside it that makes this huge mess.I don't think I have ever heard her hang up with her Mom without saying "Love you & miss you" first.She has a heart of gold and a fun sarcastic humor like her Mom and I. So I thought I would add her cute photo and dedicate this song to her. You are so adorable Jamie and your Auntie Karen loves you.

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Anonymous said...

This video is the cutest thing ever!! Where did you find it?