Monday, July 7, 2008

Punched back in....

After almost two months away I went back to work today. When you walk in its as though you never left.It was good to see so many friendly faces and people who I have seen daily for years and years. And I finished 5 hours at work before "Regis" was even over! My life really adjusted to me not working....I watched Jay Leno until midnight,went to the movies at 9 with Steve just because I could.I started to feel productive if I was out of the house by 11am. But my home was no cleaner or more organized and I found myself feeling kinda lonesome some days. I think I actually do better when I am busier.I find I am more productive and don't push things off to another day.I know retirement will be wonderful when all those grand babies need my time, but for now work is good too. So back to setting my alarm,being in bed by 10,Coffee Bean runs with the girls at work every day at 7, And trying to keep life in a good balance.

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