Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Six...Things that make me smile

I loved when Oprah suggested a gratitude journal.Just write a few things everyday that bring you joy.There is so much power in that.We all have so much to be thankful for and we don't stop often enough to think about all the little joys of life.A year ago my best friend and I started asking each other "what was your happiest moment today" I loved hearing hers and sharing mine.So I decided to do the Sunday Six. A perfect day to reflect on the little joys in my life. What's your Six?

1-Leaving church knowing that you met God there & what a wonderful time it had been.

2-CD Mixes-If you make me one I will love you forever and ever!!

3-Mail! Crazy I know but I just love the mail. My favorite is when you have been gone and you get a whole bunch of it.

4-Voice mail messages from my neice Silly Sara. I save them all and listen over and over again., What a fun website.I love to see what people are reading and write reviews of my favorite books.

6-A candle burning in my kitchen. Love the scent and feeling it gives. So cute, when Steve is home he will light one before I come home because he knows I think its cozy. Such a small but tender thing thing he does with me in mind.


Ashlyn Donatelli said...

love this :) i have a few candles lit now...home by myself, perfectly happy! xoxo

cougarnana said...

What a cute idea Sophia! I will give this some thought, I have so many things that I am thankful for, trying to choose the top six each Sunday could be a challenge but I like the idea of thinking about them all week. I like your new blog background, cute colors and festive! Have a happy day!