Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Now don't judge....

Ok guys, I admit it.I have a serious problem and maybe by confessing I will find the cure? I am addicted....yes the "Bachelor" shows. I think I have seen every one. I cringe, yell at the girls, and swear that I should NEVER watch another shallow,horrible episode.But season after season the curiosity gets the best of me and I am hooked. This last season I had to watch because DeAnna was Greek like me? I really think that was the only reason (denial is part of the problem) And of course my neice who is a "mini me" is hooked too. So last night DeAnna made her final decision and I literally cried. Jason was so sweet and kind hearted and he had a darling little boy. And he got side swiped while down on one knee.She chose Jesse.It was brutal!! I tried to call Chloe to talk out the pain of it all but she was on the phone with Southwest airlines trying to get a one way ticket to Jason's home town of Seattle : ) She thinks he is the sweetest too. I say go find him Chloe and bring him home to our Greek family....This is the last season I am ever going to watch....??

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