Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tag you're it!!

I have been tagged by my dear friend Nancy…
You are supposed to list 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions and 3 surprising facts about you. Then you tag 3 others. I am going to tag Chloe,Ashlyn and Abby. You don’t have to answer but it is fun to read…..

3 Joys ~
That’s a easy one. Time spent with my hubby,kids and family,
A clean house with fresh sheets
A really good book

3 Fears~
Losing Steve or my boys
Never getting a stamp in my passport
The decline of human compassion.When I watch the news I can’t comprehend how people can be so mean.

3 Goals~
To make more time for the people in my life.I have realized that time spent with the Lord,friends and family are the only moments that give your life meaning.
To organize my closets and simplify all my "stuff"
To lose that last 5 pounds... : )

3 Current obsessions~
Lists! It is crazy how many lists I make and if I do something that isn’t on my list,I add it so I can cross it off.
McDonalds Iced Vanilla Coffee
The game show Password.I even Tivo all the old ones from the 70’s I LOVE it! Betty White is a rockstar!

3 Surprising facts~
I love pajamas and sometimes put them on right after work before the sun even goes down.
I have a distrust of anyone who scrap books or who doesn’t like butter cream frosting.
I have a alias name of "Sophia" whenever I don’t want to use my own.Reservations,star bucks orders,etc. Sometimes Karen is just too boring


Ellsworth Party of Four said...

oh man Karen...I laughed so hard at your comment to me that I almost HAD to use the bathroom at WORK! :)
I love this blogging thing and how we can all be a huge part of each others lives...daily lives if we want.
all of us "Little" Girls have been making comments to each other about how handsome your son is...and asking where he was when Mom was so anxiously trying to fix us up??? Good job YOU on that one!! :)
Glad you are doing so well. Mom told me about Kirk...poor him...tell him I said hi! its been a long time.

Abby said...

It was good to see you today! I wish I could have talked to you more. I have decided we need to do lunch! :-D

cougarnana said...

Oh Sophia, I loved your TAG! Thanks for sharing....See, now I can try even harder to be just like you!

cougarnana said...

Hey, P.S. Have you read any really good books lately? I need a new GOOD one!