Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Serendipity's !

That's what my Mom always called unexpected surprises!And I was so excited to come home and find one today from my sweet sister-in-law Sandy.I don't like the "in law" because it makes them seem less than family,and in my case they truly are my sisters.She is married to my brother Dave and I just love her to pieces! As you can see from the note she knew me as a teen when her and Dave first started dating.I loved junky candy,had braces, and giggled when her and Dave would kiss.I even bought her old blue Ford Pinto when I turned 16. And that thing could go from zero-25 in five minutes flat.I have grown to love her more and more as the years go by.She is the perfect balance for my crazy brother.She is lighthearted but practical,fun but calm,goofy but always grounded. When I know they are coming for a visit my heart starts to count down the days and even after a weeks visit I cry when they leave.It is just never enough time! I often get little surprises in the mail and they are always such fun!!Today it was a darling apron,a beautiful keepsake book for Travis from his cousin Sara and a wedding gift for he and Ashlyn.But the box of 70's candy is the BEST!! I am chewing my Razzles gum and have my eye on those Bottlecaps and Wonka Gobbstoppers! Thanks Sandy for all your love and friendship and I cant wait to see you all in 59 days!!


Ashlyn Donatelli said...

Adorable! Just love them. I really enjoyed the cat book. Can't wait to see it live. ;)

cougarnana said...

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