Saturday, April 2, 2011

Where do I find cute invitations to my pity party?

I really try to be upbeat but lately I have been having a bit of a pity party. The thing is I am weary of being in pain! I would say that a good amount of days I have horrible kidney pain. And it makes me so crabby and fatigued. By the time I get home from work all I want to do is sit on a heating pad and try to find relief. I pass stones like crazy and am currently building a nice rock garden in my yard. The biggest bummer is that they CAN NOT figure out why? I take 6 pills a day that are supposed to ward them off, but no luck. I drink about a gallon of water everyday, no dark sodas, limit spinach, all the things they say you should do and yet they keep forming.
I took in my baggie of rocks for the Dr to see and found out the reason my pain is still so bad is because there is a BIG one in my right kidney. And it is too darn big to pass....
So on April 18th I will have yet another surgery.
I cried so hard in Dr Mc Dreamy's office that he promised he would not put in a stent. So it should be pretty easy this time. I made it clear I simply can not  go through that stent pain again. So today I am praying it stays still until the 18th and somehow, someway, it will be my last go around.
Like I said before this money would be better spent on a tummy tuck and a new rack

This is the prescription I wrote myself....
Sure to make me feel much better 
So today I will treat myself to cute new jammies, I'm going to get pedicure the day before, of course go into surgery with full make up, and yes Casey I will dust on a bit of glitter.{ Gotta keep the humor to keep myself from cryin }  
So say a little prayer if you would that it all goes well! 
Wishing you a happy weekend! 
Filled with love and giggles 

And hopefully no pain!


Jojo and Ralph said...

Oh man, I don't know what to say. This is my biggest fear, since I only drink diet coke. I am so sad for you and can't imagine how you feel. I think you deserve all of the pampering you can get and prayers too. Hang in there

maria said...

Miss Karen, I feel your pain sort of! :( ugh... those stones cause the worst pain ever... I will say a nice long prayer for you, so that you will be mostly pain free until surgery day! and then maybe I will deliver some lemon sweet rolls to your doorstep to aid in your recovery?? ;) as soon as you feel ready for visitors! ;)

Anonymous said...

You deserve a pity party once and a while! Esp with those kinds of issues. That is just absolutely ridiculous that you have to go through that and you would think in this day and age there would be better solutions! I take a tablespoon of Coconut oil everyday, it has many health benefits but is also suppose to help in dissolving kidney stones....I guess anything is worth a shot, right? I will be thinking and praying that a miracle happens for you! XOXO Kaitlin

Anonymous said...

Oh Sophia, I had no idea you were experiencing all this pain. I'm soooo sorry! I have had only ONE kidney stone and it was the worst pain I have ever had. I would rather give birth every month than experience the pain of a kidney stone ever again. Following my "event" I had surgery and did have a stent put in and I kept it in for 9 days which was just awful. When Dr. Ellsworth (who happens to be my neighbor, can you imagine) removed it, I realized it was at least a FOOT wonder I couldn't sit or walk or stand!!! The good news is, I've never had another kidney stone and this is my wish for you too!! I'll be praying for you and most especially on the 18th.

The fly-fisherman said...

I am feeling so sad for you!!! I couldn't even imagine what kind of pain you must be in. My neighbor is like you. He produces kidney stones every month. He is in so much pain until they pass.
I am praying for you. I hope all goes well and that you recover VERY quickly.