Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dont you miss funny Karen?

The Karen who wrote about pajama jeans, sap removal, bucket lists and silly days
The Karen who shared so much good stuff that Chad reprimanded her?
       Cause this whiny Karen with so much yucky stuff going on  is getting me down!

I feel like I went in for a oil change and once they looked under the hood they found out I'm a wreck!  I ended up having my surgery a week earlier {sorry Nancy for not updating you} and my anesthesiologist asked me if I was tired? Well yes I sure have been but I thought it was from all the pain I have been in...
Well no honey you are a few quarts low? My blood count was very low and my iron even lower. So he suggested I take those labs to my regular Dr and find out what the heck is going on. So this week while recuperating and passing pebbles, I had more labs done, found out yes I am very low , and they want  to rule out that I am not bleeding somewhere. So  I will now not only get looked at under my hood but under my trunk too! The specialist said they will do a colonoscopy, and a endoscopy to check my stomach and other organs? I feel way too young and happy to have so much wrong with me. He also started me right away on iron and new thyroid meds to help balance things out.

This ole jalopy is a mess! No wonder my sense of humor is failing too

But hang with me peeps, I promise I will be back with silly posts soon! 
I did have plenty of really sweet moments this week and I am convinced Love from family and friends is the BEST medicine ever! The kids all called to check on their old momma, I had sweet friends and neighbors  pop over with cards, flowers, white cake ,homemade lemon rolls, and  comforting jello from my friend Caren ! { she knows it reminds me of my mom and so she brings it every time I am under the weather~ Sooo sweet } The Krikac's came out yesterday and hung out {sooo fun} One day I met the book babes for lunch at a new Greek restaurant in town,I went to Bunco even though it took all I had, but I knew those girls would be good medicine too !
I am blessed ! I have love! And a sweet hubby who rubs my feet and smiles at his ole jalopy in her funky pajamas {he thought my new ones from Kohl's were from the Sears Catalog circa 1940 ? Doesn't he know seer-sucker capri jammies never go out of style? But his love,support and humor is like a constant IV drip of healing! 
One of my favorite quotes is from Steel Magnolias~ 
" Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion" 
That has been my week, trying to laugh when all I want to do is cry....
But I am clinging to the scriptures that say
" And it came to pass" 
Because I've had moments this week when I thought it came to stay....
But I wont let it, I  am blowing away the dark clouds with all my breath!


The fly-fisherman's wife said...

No wonder you are feeling crummy! Who can have a sense of humor with low iron and kidney stones (however, you are still pretty dang funny!)
I hope they can find the culprit of your misery! Keep us updated!

Anonymous said...

My dear friend, Sophia...First thing this morning I said a prayer for you that your surgery would go well and that you would begin to feel better soon. Then I find out that that has already happened...oh well, even prayers after the fact are good, right? I think I'm going to put you and Jim in a bag and shake you both up and see if you can't come out being your happy, healthy, full of energy selves again. In the meantime, maybe Steve and I can go out on the town (JK of course). I told Jim just yesterday that if he doesn't get out of this funk soon, I'm trading him in on a much younger, healthier model (another JK). Anyway, I hope you get to the "bottom" of your issues and start feeling better soon!! That colonoscopy stuff is pretty fun, you'll lose about 5 pounds, I loved it. However, my bishop was my doctor and it was a little difficult to look at him on Sunday, oh well, I really have no pride! Good Luck, I'm still praying for you.

Holly Girl said...

I had no idea you weren't feeling well! I'm so sorry! (I've missed the last two buncos, and you haven't blogged in a while) In the midst of your discomfort you still have your humor silly lady! Are you feeling better yet? I'm expecting a picture of the stone soon! I wish you a speedy recovery and happiness in your heart my friend! And it's true...seer sucker never goes out!

Chloe Krikac said...

I just adore that Steel Magnolias quote, I had forgotten about that one. Your humor will never go out of style because it's who you are!! You are so brave to share your stories, and it brings so much comfort to those who are in pain. You are amazing!!!!