Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Joy~

We had the most beautiful Easter with my family! And what made it even more special was that it was NOT at my house. I usually host all the holidays but my sweet brother Ken and sis Lindsay wanted to host this one and it was perfect!
It was so nice to just go somewhere and not have all the preparation. It was a perfect day although we missed Chad who had to work and my brother Paul and his four boys. But we still had 17 which allowed plenty of time to chat and enjoy each other.  Lindsay's sister Karen came and she wowed us all with homemade Greek food ! And Auntie Carla came too which was  such a fun treat! Steve ADORES auntie Carla! { we all do }
Thank you "Kensay" for such a perfect day! 
 Pete, Angelo and Mary 
Aunties Carla and Mary

 Our fab chef for the day Kenny
  Lindsay's nephew Jason
Oh how I LoVe this daughter of mine
Travis amazing the crowd with magic tricks. I gotta say he was blowin our minds!
But one of my favorite moments was when Uncle Pete was just dying to cut the pretty cake Ashlyn made for dessert! He could hardly stand it!!  So of course I had to tease him that this wasn't the first time he was over anxious {remember the funny story of how he put a finger in the wedding cake? }

 So sweet Ashlyn  let him cut it and I love this pic of them !
 I love our crazy family, playing left right center, all talking at the same time, holding hands to say grace, making everyone feel so comfortable and welcome,always saying we had too much food but always making too much again and again.  
Another terrific day with those I love the most! More sweet memories to last a lifetime.....

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Chloe Krikac said...

SUCH A BLAST!!! But you left out your stand up routine... that was definitely a big hit, and I crack up every time I think about it! :)