Saturday, March 19, 2011

Another bucket list dream is in the works!

We did it! We booked an Alaska cruise !!  We have been dreaming about it for a while now and decided to go for it! We planned it with the hopes that all the Greeks would join in. We thought it would be a perfect chance to spend time with family while building memories that will last a lifetime!   I tend to over think EVERYTHING and I am so thankful to my sister  in law Sandy who while I was talking to her  { for the umpteenth time } about different options said
" I'm booking the one you said you liked" and she did!
She then text me her booking number five minutes later.
I am so thankful that she gave me that much needed push to decide already!
Our three kids are going, Dave,Sandy,Ken,Lindsay and Chloe. Now we are just waiting on the rest of the invitees to jump on board  !
Either way it is going to be the BEST trip and we can hardly wait.


Anonymous said...

A dream come true, for sure. What could be better than a cruise with the people you love the most? I can't think of anything more wonderful than that! Have fun with all the planning and getting ready (I find that to be the best part, along with the memories). I've heard the Alaskan cruises are just the BEST! Keep us posted on our plans.

The fly-fisherman's wife said...

That is so exciting! You will have such a good time, especially surrounded by the ones you love! I can't wait to hear all of the details.

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

Right now I am a little jealous. Brent and I have been talking about going on a cruise...we have never been on one before. It looks so fun...and COLD in that picture.
I am excited to hear all about it!