Thursday, April 14, 2011

Memory Lane~

Happy Birthday Sara!

She is *29*today! I can hardly believe it. I still remember her so well as this little baby girl.  She is a daily joy in my life !  Even though we are separated by too many miles, we talk on the phone almost everyday and I feel so connected to my precious niece. She loves to call her auntie to talk about her day, her movies, her lunch {she's Greek & we love to dish about food } what her friends are doing, or her sweet dog Lexi.
Her voice messages are saved on my phone and if I am ever having a down day I will listen to one and smile.
My life is sooooo much sweeter because of my Silly Sara ! 

Next year is her 30th Birthday Princess Bash in California!
I can hardly wait......

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Cougarnana said...

So the other night we watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding and I thought of you and your family the whole time. Not that it really reminded me of you, in the way of being crazy and over the top, etc., but just about you being Greek. Anyway, it's such a cute movie and we all loved watching it again (it had been years).

Happy Birthday to Sara! A very cute picture of her and her dad (now, I get the impression that HE might be a little "over the top"...right?...maybe like those Greeks in the movie?)

I'll be thinking about you on Monday, the 18th. I hope everything goes well and NO MORE PAIN!