Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Mothers Love~

I am always amazed at the depth of love within  a mothers heart. I was lucky enough to experience that kind of love from my own precious mom. The unconditional, completely  accepting, just because, for always  kind of love!
And I overflow with that kind of love for my own kids! Nothing makes me happier than being with them and cheering for them  in everything they do! I had the most lovely Mothers Day celebrating with my family. Complete with fabulous gifts and cards that had to be read later because the second I opened them the tears started to flow. Heartfelt words from the sweetest boys ever and a daughter in law that I love as my own.
BLESSED is what I am ! And not a day goes by that I don't thank God for all He has given to me.... 
Travis is going to be  GREAT Daddy!

Dinner in Little Italy after a great beach day! Ken, Lindsay and Chloe came too which made it even more special!!

If I had known these kids were going to be this terrific I would have had 5 more!


maria said...

Soooo sweet! I'm glad you had a great mother's day weekend miss karen, you deserve it! and I'm glad you enjoyed your lunch! ;)

Cougarnana said...

I'm so happy that you had such a nice Mother's Day. You surely do have a beautiful family and isn't it great that they live close enough that you are able to spend time with them often? I love all the cute pictures...thanks for sharing. Happy Mother's Day and all the other days too!

Chloe Krikac said...

What a fun Mother's Day celebrating!! It was such a fun day, and an honor to be a part of it... lots of love :)