Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sap Removal

I was looking over my blog and it seems to get a little sappy

I hate sappy...

Although I do believe we are much happier when we focus on the good things in our life. One of my favorite quotes of all time is  
"The grass is greener where you water it" 
And I find that to be so true. But since we often share the good when we blog, people can get the idea that we are sappy and only show our favorable side. I am SO AWARE of his our huge flaws. I had a post a while back where I spilled the beans and encouraged you all to do the same.I think its freeing and makes people all the more endearing{&some of your reveals had me in stitches} So after the Valentines and other mushy posts I think a little more sap removal is due. So here ya go, another honest glimpse of the crazy side...

*My hubby is the worst about "toilet paper replacement" I even took out my camera phone a while back and snapped a shot. I mean really?  Can you go the extra step and put it in the holder? I like it in the holder and folded the way they do in hotels.But he just ignores the whole process {year after year and roll after roll}  

*Steve has a fake girlfriend named Loretta. My whole family knows and she's often the topic of conversation.I cant even remember when I made her up but she's been with us for years. We think its hysterical! She calls him Meho and makes him Spam sandwiches. If he's really tired I'll ask if its because he had to pull the tranny on Loretta's Impala? I recently got in his car and seat was waaayyy back. So of course I asked if "Loretta" had been in the car with her hooves on the dash. We crack ourselves up! And yes, I know it aint right!

*I adore the dollar tree! I started off at the .99 cent store but have grown to love our brand new Dollar Tree! You get the funnest stuff in there! Sometimes I might get a little carried away. I recently bought the little Kleenex packs you keep in your purse for a dollar {a whole 8 pack} Only thing is they are "HALSFA" brand?? Chloe loves to tease me about my recycled paper towels tissues. Then the other day at the movies during a touching scene I hear my friend Casey whisper to Nancy "Ask Karen for one of her cheap ass Kleenex's" and I couldn't stop laughing! Nancy sweetly said "Maybe you should spend the extra 50 cents and get the good ones" Perhaps she's right...they did scratch my glasses

*Just this morning before the gardener came I was outside in my jammies picking up Brody's oompa piles. When he was a pup he loved to chew our thongs and I think he liked the right ones better? When I couldn't find a matching pair I just wore two left ones on my feet, one purple,one pink {so half my foot was hanging attractively over the edge}

My make up was on but my hair was still wet and as I went to the side yard with the see through gate the drywall guy from next door said "Good Morning" I smiled, waved and said "Oh thanks you too" and I was not for one second embarrassed?

*I also think I am secretly being filmed for "What not to wear"  I buy my clothes at Costco &  Old Navy. I can almost see Clinton and Stacy shaking their heads and asking what is it with that lady and her jeans and hoodies? Thank goodness they missed my morning get up or I would have been hauled in!  {wait a minute,was that really a dry wall guy? }

So come on..Ya'll join in and share some of the 'good' stuff so we don't get too sappy!
Ya know its kinda cleansing .....I feel better.....Maybe I'll run to Target and get a new outfit



a s h l y n . c a r t e r said...

crakin' me up! :)

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Thank goodness...I thought after the Valentine's day post I was going to go into a diabetic coma. Stacy and Clinton will be chasing both of us down, but after watching him on the Miss America contest or whatever it is called now, he can bite me. I thought he was totally a goof ball.

Loretta sounds like quite a character...does she still have all her teeth? She probably tells Steve to never put the toilet paper on the spindle just to cheese you off!

Hey! What movie did you guys see? Do we get a movie review?

Anonymous said...

I loooove that you can share this with your fellow followers!

The first things that come to my mind is that I trip over anything and everything or am constantly bangin my shins or ankles on anything around, and the first couple times anthony thought it was funny, now its just embarassing! I deal with it on a daily basis so I dont feel that bad for him!

Oh and Anthony takes the longest time to get ready, not even ready but he just drags his feet....esp if its early in the morn and we are on a time schedule. My alarm goes off, I have everything ready and I am done in 10 mins....I constantly have to remind him its not prom 2010 and it never ends on a good note! haha
XOXO Kaitlin

Melanie said...

I hear you on the WNTW thing. I wear sweat pants and baggy shirts just WAY too often.

Anonymous said...

You so funny!!!! I am crackin up Tietta!! I just love you and Steve and you both are medicine for our souls!

Love Linds

Housewife Savant said...

In the days before we had an ice maker I left empty ice trays on top of the fridge.
Shh, don't bring it up.
Mr. STILL bristles.

THIS is what I missed about blogging. You crack me up!

Holly Girl said...

OK...I microwave left over coffee from the day before when I'm too lazy to make it fresh! (it's a little rough on the stomach, but it saves time!) My boys just leave the tp on the bathroom counter...they must be trying to save time too!