Monday, February 8, 2010

Pajama Jeans?

Wow look at the article I found this morning...
Move over Snuggie, there's a new loungewear product in town and it doesn't resemble a blanket.Say hello to PajamaJeans -- a new addition to the "I didn't feel like getting dressed" family of "fashion," advertised as "the pajamas to live in, and the jeans to sleep in."
"We were noticing that people were wearing their pajamas on airplanes and in grocery stores. But a lot of people have mixed feelings about it because they think it's inappropriate and sloppy," Stacey Buonanno, manager for The PajamaGram Company.

This is disturbing news even for a girl like me who loves her jammies. Not that I would ever wear them, but I sure can say " Why didn't I think of that" You remember the photo I shared of my customer who would often shop in her jammies. You can read that post here.To me this one line is  the most disturbing part of the article.  
    "We were noticing that people were wearing their pajamas on airplanes and in grocery stores??"

Yeah so was I....But it doesn't make it right for goodness sake.Call me old fashioned but we dont wear our pajamas out running errands!  But now they have made a way to wear your PJ"s and still look OK??  I don't know gang. But I sure smiled when I read the article. I keep thinking of ways to get on the "Shark Tank" with a great invention  but I cant really see the sharks going for this one. Although the "designers"(can you really in all honesty call them that?) say they are selling like crazy! So I am off to design a robe that looks like a fabulous red carpet dress, and maybe some slipper/heels that match.Even as I type I'm thinking of sewing together my top and bottoms that I have on and making more of a darling "pajama jumper!  I just gotta get my piece of the pajama pie. 
Hold on Barbara, Kevin  and  the rest of you Sharks....I'm comin...And who knows what I will be wearing!  


Just Believing said...

I read that too and while i can't be for or against them ;) havng a 5 month old and going out rather sloppy on some extra hard morning i would vote a yes for them LOL

but hopefully in a month of so i will actually sleep more that 4 hrs at a time and have to to put on a real old fashion pair of blue jeans ;)

Sara Beara said...

You should definitely invent something! Thanks for the get well soon post...and I actually DO need reminders to not do chores! (I'm such a freak!)

Anonymous said...

Karen you CRACK me up!!! I can just picture your robe designed as a red carpet dress! You so funny!!!!!!
Love ya tons!


Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

hahaha...I can make no comment here since I almost never get out of my dang pajamas. I wonder how long until someone wears these to casual work Friday~!

Anonymous said...

I tried to leave you a comment, but it wouldn't let me. Was I doing something wrong??? Anywhoo...

Just wanted to let you know that although I would love for you to order me a pair, that would require me telling you my size. And sorry, love, ain't gonna happen. However, I must confess, they intrigue me. I really would love a pair, wouldn't you??

And a pajama jumper? Don't go there.