Friday, February 19, 2010


*Well my lost "day" turned into three. I guess I blogged too soon about feeling good. Soon after I hit 'post' I was back in bed and have been there ever since.I am thankful for pain meds, saltine crackers, a sweet hubby who calls every few hours to check on me and for the food network. I have never been a fan of daytime TV but somehow have been comforted by their company this week.

*I am adding to my bucket list to visit Charm City Cakes in Maryland. That Duff is a kick and I just want to stop by for a quick visit and hear him laugh {& maybe a little finger dip in the buttercream frosting }

*Today is my sister in law Sandy's birthday and I just want to wish her all the blessings she deserves! We all love you so much Sandy and wish we were closer to celebrate with you. 

*I have decided I am not going to worry about Chad again. I look at all these photos of him having a blast and think to myself "Why am I here in T Town losing sleep over this boy while he is having the time of his life? I know I have said it before but this time I am more worrying

*I am so proud of our athletes in the USA!! Watching the Olympics makes me so patriotic and proud. Go Team USA!!  This old, chubby Greek girl is living vicariously through you and cheering from my couch.

*Oh Tiger Woods....Who are you speaks so loudly, I cant hear a word you are saying  

*Is it me or are the male figure skaters more "flamboyant" than ever? I have seen painted on tear drops? feathers? false eyelashes and way too much sparkle and bedazzling.I think they should try the pajama jean paired with a flannel shirt so they can look manly but still be comfortable? But WOW can they skate.

Sorry for the crazy random post. Blame it on the pain meds I have digested in the last few days combined with absolute boredom. Today I really  do feel a bit better and am hoping its a really good day. I hope it is for you too!
                                               Love and giggles....Karen


Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

I wish Chad was into blogging...can you imagine the things he would have to say?

Sorry to hear about your not feeling well. I hope Dr McDreamy tells you it is not kidney stones (but it is nice to go drool..I mean, see him). I think his partner is pretty yummy, too.

You reminded me...I need to make a bucket list. You have already managed to cross things off of yours!

Hope you have a great weekend~!

Anonymous said...

OK, so I told you about my kidney stone. I didn't want to go into detail because, you know, every one is different. But I felt way better the next day and was up and around. Then on the 3rd day the horrible pain was back and I had a second trip to the ER...then it really was gone after that. So here's hoping (and praying) yours is gone too. I would give birth everyday of the month rather than experience kidney stone pain again, I am so living this with you. The Food Network sounds fun, I will check it out. Happy Birthday to Sandy, any relative of yours is a relative of mine! Also, about CHAD, holy cow!!!! I, too, am really enjoying the Olympics. Kaci wonders about the male skaters...sort of a chicken or the egg scenario...are they gay before they become figure skaters or are they figure skaters and then become gay. Maybe they just like flashy attire, at any rate, they sure put on a good show on many levels. I was thrilled for Evan last night, although I was so nervous for him I couldn't watch him skate, I had to leave the room. I can't wait for the ice dancing personal favorite!