Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines Day~

I have always loved Valentines Day!
The sweet cards and thoughts..

The white paper bags decorated with pink and red  hearts ,filled with cards from friends at school. I remember going over the class list to make sure that no one was ever left out. Each box with 30 cards and the special one just for the teacher. 

Cupcakes and Conversation Hearts!  {especially the yellow ones} 

When I was a young girl I would always run to my Dads truck to see what surprise he was bringing me! Since I was the only girl I was always his one and only Valentine.  And I LOVED that!

I loved when the boys were little and they would race home and empty their bags on the carpet and go through their treasures. Separating the candy and reading all the riddles.Giggling over the ones from girls and separating all the "cool" ones

I love that every year Chad has asked me to be his Valentine.No matter where he is or what he's doing he will call  and ask if I will be his Valentine. And of course I say " Yes" usually with a few tears. Whatever will I ever do when he has his very own Valentine   

It is simply a precious day filled with LOVE....
Now that I am older it's different, but still as magical and fun. I love that Steve has been my Valentine for 28 years. And when the cards say " Be Mine" I can honestly say " I am" And he is mine too. Handpicked from God  Himself. I carry in my wallet a little card that came with flowers from him years ago.It's in his handwriting which I love. Its tattered and old but it reads...

"Karen My wife, my love, my everything. Be my Valentine forever" 

I just couldn't throw it away. So there it stays with all my punch cards and receipts. 

God is good....He is the author of LOVE and He has given us His love to share and experience with each other. Whether your Valentine this year is your Child, your Mom or Dad, your Best Friend, or your Sweetie, Think of  how  lucky we are to have LOVE !!!

And to you my family & friends I want you to know.....  
You are loved by me ♥!!


Abby said...

I love you too Mommy #2! I hope you have an amazing Valentine's Day!

Just Believing said...

Beautiful! Happy Valentine's Day to you!

One day Greg left me a rose on my car with a card that said " just because" i carry it in my wallet and reminding em he loves me just because!

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Maybe next year I will have a Valentine~! You are blessed indeed. Have a fabulous day, Karen. xxooxx

Chloe Krikac said...

Okay, let me first blot my eyes from tears, and let you know how utterly precious this post is... You have the best valentine indeed, and I hope one day to have one as sweet as Uncle Steve. I can see why you always keep that note with you!!! Love you!!!