Thursday, February 4, 2010

Did the Food Network call?


Cause if they want me to do a show I think I'm ready! I have been cooking like crazy.And when I'm not cooking, I have been shopping for pots and cute new kitchen goodies! (I have got to get back to work) Cooking is either something I love to do or absolutely ignore. Lately I LOVE it! Maybe it's the gloomy weather or my new cookbooks but I have found it to be so enjoyable.So I thought it might be fun to share some of my favorite kitchen things~

1- My Le Creuset Dutch Oven...These pots are magic! You can put any piece of meat or chicken inside and it comes out delish! Because of the cast iron base it heats so evenly and cooks perfectly! It has fast become the only pot I use.I also have one of their grill pans which is amazing for cooking veggies, fish or chicken. I just got a new smaller 2.5 qt. size which is the perfect utility size.(Thanks to my bestest friend Sandy for such a wonderful Christmas gift!)It's so cute I leave it atop the stove all the time.Trust me they are fabulous!
2- I found this tip on google and loved it. I made homemade Chicken Noodle Soup for Travlyn cause my boy was sick. Of course he didn't need his mom but this Momma jumps at any chance to baby my kids. So I cooked the chicken for the soup,saved the stock and let the fat rise in the fridge overnight. Then you simply place a piece of saran wrap on the surface and pull up. All the fat lifts right off! No straining or using a spoon. I then added lots of noodles,(grandma's frozen is the BEST) carrots, celery, onions and a few red potatoes.The soup is sure to cure whatever ails ya. Its a great recipe so if anyone wants it let me know. My sweet neighbor Julie made it for us a few years back and it has fast become our favorite!

3- Silpat liners! When you are baking cookies there is simply nothing better! Your cookies will never stick and I swear they brown nicer and more evenly! Plus clean up is a breeze

4-This cookbook!(Thanks Trav & Ash) She cooks for hungry cowboys so it isn't your every day fair, but she sure makes some great dishes! And notice her pot? Yep Emeril, Rachel, Ree and Me. It has terrific photos,stories and easy recipes that are practical with things already in your kitchen.

4- A cute apron! You just have to put on a darling apron! I still use my moms a lot but have added a couple more to my collection. I found a fun one at the Goodwill for only 2 dollars. You can skip the pearls like Julia but an apron is a must! I promise your food will taste so much cuter better.

So in the words of Paula Deen "I wish you love and best dishes from my home to yours" Leave me a comment and tell me whats cookin in your life......


Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

The Pioneer Woman has the most awesome blog and now I will have to run out and buy her cook book~! Since the kitchen is the place where coffee comes from, I will now have to investigate and see if I have a stove, too. I know I have a zapper, two in fact, because you can never zap your food fast enough for me.

*cough, cough* I think I need chicken noodle soup.

Anonymous said...

Loved this post. First of all, Sherrie and I were in Las Vegas not too long ago and we saw these women pouring out of Bloomingdale's carrying lots of huge bags, etc. We wondered what in the world was going on. Turns out, they were all buying Le Creuset ovenware on sale. Well since then I've been looking for the just right piece to begin my set (but of course it's not sold in St. George so I can't look very often). Anyway, on our next trip to LV or SLC I plan to buy some. Also, where do you get the Silpat liners? They look like something I REALLY need. Also, I will check out the cookbook. Thanks for all the info.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Love the new pictures at the really are a doily kind of girl, I know it and I love it.