Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My name is Karen and I am a dork

I figure admitting your problem is half the battle and clearly I have no trouble making fun of myself. I pretty much pour it all out here on my blog. The good, the bad, and the not even a little bit pretty. And I will be the first to say what a huge dork I am. Here is just one example from last week. This blog title should probably run as a ongoing post like my "memory lane" ones. Frankly it's scary how much worse I am getting.....

We had Hawaiian days at work for two weeks. Everyone wears their silly clothes and fake cheesy leis. Its just not my thing, plus I go in really early and am pretty much running the whole day. But after getting ribbed about it I decided to "get on board" I ironed my Hawaiian shirt, picked out cute flower earrings and off to work I went. I no sooner clocked in when I heard that Hawaiian days were over? Yep..they ended yesterday. Then I hear a nice "aloha" Karen over the intercom. Seems my mistake became the joke of the day. I would leave my scan cart and every time I came back to it there was Hawaiian bread, Hawaiian tropics suntan lotion, Hawaiian Chips, Sunglasses and Flower necklaces. Yep I got on board but it was the wrong board on the wrong day. Kim said I loved all the attention so much she was betting I would dress Hawaiian the next day too.You don't know how close I came to slippin on my grass skirt and coconuts....Mahalo~


Jessica said...

Hey Karen!

I read your blog all the time and just crack up. Chloe told me about it and it's so great!

Just have to tell you...earlier today at work I was definitely needing a boost. I went and got some coffee, but that didn't seem to do the trick. I saw the link to your blog and clicked on it. All I have to say is step aside Starbucks, there's a new horse in town! Your post had me laughing so hard, out loud, alone in my office, that one of my coworkers came in to check on me. So, thanks for the boost (or as they say on the island, mahalo)!

Jessi (Chloe's KY/TN friend:)

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

A day late and a dollar short...HAHAHA. At least you are an adorable dork. At least you love to "hang ten" at work now, right?

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, Hawaiian Days, I remember them well! I still have about 10 Hawaiian shirts stuffed somewhere waaaaay back in my closet! Jim has a few really cute ones that he still wears when we go to Hawaii. I didn't realize Albertson's still celebrated HD's. Well good for you for coming to the party, even if a little late. It's always fun to stand out in a crowd!

Anonymous said...
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