Friday, September 18, 2009

Two words that changed the course of my life...

I was only nineteen when Steve asked if I thought we should get married? My reply was
"I do"

We were so young but everything within me knew it was the right answer.

27 years ago today we stood before God,our family and friends and when our pastor asked if I took this man to be my husband, I said with all my heart
"I do"

Do I still believe in my heart that Steve is the husband that God picked just for me ?
"I do"

Can I honestly say after all these years that I love him more today?
"I do"

It has been a BLAST being married to you Steve! Our home and kids have brought us so much joy! I have felt so loved and safe with you everyday,and we have laughed more than any couple I know. God has been so faithful to us and taught us the meaning of commitment and love. I have been incredibly blessed to be unconditionally loved by two amazing men in my life. My Daddy and you! What more could any girl ever want or need? You are my heart and I love you with all of it!

Do I hope to spend another 27 years with you by my side?
"I do"


Liz said...

happy anniversary karen! what a sweet wife you are!

Ashlyn Carter said...

Happy Anniversary to the sweetest love birds. We are BOTH so very blessed by your marriage and love for one another. You both are amazing!

Love you, ash

Anonymous said...

A very sweet and sincere post, Karen. There is nothing more wonderful than to be loved "no matter what" by someone you love "no matter what". Happy Anniversary to you both and Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

"I Do" think that made me cry...happy anniversary~!

Anonymous said...

Perfect for each other has a whloe new meaning with you and Steve in mind! God knew that the two of you were sooo meant for one another!
I could never picyure Steve without Karen or Karen without Steve! I am so happy that you both have signed up for another 27 years! You both bless my heart!!!

Love Linds