Sunday, September 20, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

Kathy at "Happy Hour Somewhere"just awarded me the "Honest Scrap"~You have to share 10 HONEST things about yourself.Little scraps of information you may not normally share.No fluff just the real truth. But the good thing is I can now tag a few of you too! I bet postpartum Kaci would be a kick! She is so darn funny on a normal day but when you add in a little sleep deprivation it might get really interesting. Any of those cute Little's would be fun! So come on girls spill the beans.Chloe...Dave...Sara...Mel. And Miss Ashlyn you have been getting lots of good press around here lately so you need to chime in too. I did the "25 random things" a while back so I'll try not to repeat. A little worried I'm not interesting enough to come up with 10 more? But for you Kathy I'll dig deep....

1-A few of you already know that I carry cute little "Poopy bags" on my leash but its all for show! There is no way I am going to "scoop and carry" But in all fairness I do have a medical condition so I am excused(very weak stomach)Dave had the BEST idea to squat and put some rocks in my bag so I look like a good citizen and I thought that was genius.

2-I fall a lot! I seriously thought I had MS for a while.Yep nothing around but my own two feet and there she goes! My night crew guys LOVE to tease me about this. They have seen me fall at least five times and we only work together about 2 hrs a day. I am simply a klutz!

3-I love to clean my fridge before Trash Day! And then I go around the house like a mad woman looking for every piece of trash as if it will be the last time they will pick up.

4-I didn't have horseradish until I was 40 and now I'm addicted to it! We were at dinner with the Sullivans and Sandy smeared it all over her steak.I remember thinking "how does anyone eat that stuff" Well she made me take a bite and I was hooked!

5-I have a tad of road rage! I hate when people tail gate me so I purposely go slow and try to box them in. Steve swears one day I am going to get hurt but they seem to bring out my bratty side.

6-The smell of suntan lotion brings me back to when the boys were little and I would slather them up before they ran off to play.Coppertone brings back such happy memories and smells like bottled fun!

7-"Cops" is my new guilty pleasure and I blame my sis in law Lindsay. I was off Cops for a while until we watched it one night and now I'm hooked again. It is so crazy but so fun to watch!

8-I once helped a complete stranger give birth.I was my friend Jeanettes labor coach and after she delivered we were in the hall and some man was FREAKING out because his wife was crying and he didn't know how to help. My friend Paula said " you should let Karen go in, she's so good at this" He looked at me and said "would you please try?" Well 3 hours later I was still with her while she delivered.It was amazing and such a honor. I wanted to become a Douala for years after that. Childbirth is amazing to witness and that day I was blessed by two miracles!

9-I am ferociously protective of my kids. There were a couple events in their school years where they were wrongfully treated and the way I went to bat even scared myself! I can be an absolute bulldog!One of my boys was not allowed to go to the restroom and had an accident in his seat in 6th grade. When I asked him why he didn't just go he looked at me with those sweet eyes and said "I was trying to obey Mom" So he had to suffer the absolute embarrassment that followed. Well let me tell you that teacher heard it from me BIG time! Did my son have a habit of going to to the bathroom? No..Has he ever lied about having to go before? No..Well suffice it to say after the "meeting" with me and the principal it should never happen again. We just heard a quote for a movie preview that is exactly me. These kids told their friend he needed to "call in the troops for help" and he asked "do I have troops" to which his friend replied "you have your mom and shes a battalion" I hope my kids always know they have 'troops' and if it's for a injustice I will fight with everything within me

10-I can NOT parallel park! It drives me nuts and just last month I called Travis and asked him again to teach me.(he is great at it) I was trying to park at the farmers market and gave up because I was so embarrassed at how many tries it was taking me. I have been driving for over 30 years and I should be able to do this! Don't even get me started on curbs, I hit them all the time. My car is always needing alignment and Steve cant figure out why?

Well there you have it~ Your turn......Tag you're it!


Anonymous said...

I'll have to give this some thought.

Melanie said...

We are very alike... And I think that you would be the perfect sort of person to guide a woman through labor. PS I love that you fake picking up your dog's poop. In this way, and with #7, you are much like my hubby!

Liz said...

a tip for tailgaters... clean your windshield while they're behind you. works especially well on the freeway ;)

ashlyn carter said...

the trash comment made me laugh - i get in rampages like this as well. Oh it feels SO good to throw stuff away! And so did the falling comment. I have never seen you fall, but i have seen you unable to get out of a beach chair and open a soda using one hand! That's good stuff. :) xoxo

Chloe Krikac said...

I have known you for 24 years and I have never ever heard that story about the baby delivery! How neat... you were the best person for that job! Great post... I'm working on mine! :)

paulasue said...

I just "LOVE" reading your thoughts and adventures. I WOULD write my honest secrets but they wouldn't be funny like yours. Congrats on 27 years of marriage!
One of my favorite poems starts-
Life is a gift to be lived every day-
YOU live yours with such joy and for that you are SO loved!!!

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

I think when you bend down to pretend to pick up poo, you should give a little gag so everyone knows how dedicated you are to being a good doggie owner.

I am sorry about the tail gating...but your muffler looked like it needed cleaning. I will back off now. But if you look in the mirror and see a maniacal person looking like she wants to run over the roof of your car just so she can be first to the light, you might want to think about letting her through. Kaci will totally sympathize with me here. Toot, toot.

I'm with Chloe on the giving birth thingie, you were the perfect person to help. You are very generous and supportive and I bet you made her laugh, too.

Anonymous said...

Trash day is the BEST!
I can't believe you pretend to pick up the dog poo. That is the funniest thing ever!

Chloe Krikac said...

Oh and I cracked up that you capitalized Trash Day... as if it's a holiday or a proper noun... LOVE IT.