Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tag you're it...

I got tagged...They are always fun to read but sometimes a chore to do. So if I tagged you,please feel free to ignore the request.But if you have a free minute come join in the fun. Even if you dont have a blog you can answer the questions in my comment section! You know how I love random things so here are my random answers

Eight Things I'm Looking Forward To:
1. Meeting Chloe and the family on her way HOME for Mothers Day weekend. Five days of fun and getting caught up! I will be a true Greek auntie with hugs and cheek pinching galore
2. Adopting a new dog
3. Meeting up with the book babes for laughs,yummy appetizers,always something decadent and chocolate and of course very intellectual book discussions(now that last part is almost funny)
4.Being a YaYa (I know I've mentioned that before but it bears repeating)
5.Christmas~~ It's only 244 days away!! (just kidding,I ran out of ideas)
6.Chad marrying the girl of my his dreams
7. Planning my next 'bucket list" cross off. We are going to go somewhere but haven't decided where yet. But I love all the dreaming and planning.
8. When my precious friend has been in remission long enough to be called "cured."

Eight Things I did Yesterday:
1. Got up at 3 am for work
2. Napped after work for 2 hours (those party girls kick my butt)
3. Greeted the hubby with a kiss and dinner
4. Talked to Silly Sarah (I LOVE my niece)
5. Cleaned the fridge (love to do that on trash day eve, another weird quirk )
6. Giggled!! When I am tired I get ridiculously slap happy.
7. Ate a piece of my leftover yummy dessert
8. Then wondered for the umpteeth time why I cant lose weight?

Eight Things I Wish I Could Do:
1. Sing~
2. Remember things...Its only getting worse
3. Be addicted to exercise
4. Hug my sweet parents one more time
5. Visit Boston again and cruise all through New England this time with my family.
6. Keep up! I always feel like I am letting someone down by not being available enough. But with work, family, and friends life is sometimes too hectic.
7. Live closer to my kids. I would love "drop bys" on their way home and impromptu dinners.
8. Be in two places at once. Live here but work at the Gear Foundation with Dave and the kids everyday. That would be my ideal life!

Eight TV shows I watch:
1- Survivor
2. Bonnie Hunt
3. Dancing with the Stars
4. Celebrity Apprentice (that Joan is a kick)
5. The Soup
6. Regis and Keli
7. Golden Girls
8. The Office
Eight People I Tag:
1. Nancy
2. Holly
3. Melanie
4. Sarah B
5. Kami
6. Ash
7. Kaci
8. Kori

That was fun~ Thank you Kathy!


Nancy said...

I am absolutely with you on your eight things to look forward to especially #2 and #8. I'll try to help you out with both. You're awesome Karen, and you warm my heart. Love, Nancy

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

What, no green tea? I too am looking forward to book club and I actually started the book. I'm enjoying the writing but not the story so far. Has there ever been a good "sequel" to a book written by a different author? This may be a book I throw against the wall when I'm done I have a feeling~!

Thanks for playing tag. Anybody up for a game of four square?

Holly Girl said...

I tried to respond and it wouldn't work! I wonder if this will go through...I'll try again later. We loved the tuna, shampoo, and Reeces!! Thanks again kind hearted lady! :)