Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sunday Six... Things for which I am grateful!

It has been another busy week, and I have struggled with that old familiar 'let down' feeling of everyone being gone. It always takes me a bit to recover from so much fun and find joy in the everyday things. But once again I have so much to be thankful for!! Here are six that come to mind.

1- I started the week with the biggest "To do" list ever! I had set everything aside to have fun last week so this week I had a ton to do.But thankfully there is only one thing left! I get so stressed when I have too many loose ends. But now I can be ready for another week and feel caught up. I have the Bunco girls for dinner Tuesday night so much cooking will need to be done. But I am very excited to see my friends again.

2-When I heard the story of the Navy's rescue of Captain Phillips I literally had goose bumps and tears of thanks. What a incredible story. I am so impressed with our military that they could parachute into that situation, position themselves on the water, and all three strategically fire the shots needed to rescue a fellow American. I was also incredibly moved by the captains humility and courage,offering himself as a hostage to save his crew. Those kind of stories just make you so proud to be an American!

3-Costco~ Don't you just love Costco? I simply can not host any event or holiday without this fabulous store. Today I even found the hair straightener that I have been wanting for such a good price, memory foam pillows which my family all swear by(they have the 2 pack for only $39.)I love their brand of shampoo,and the Costco tuna is the BEST ever. I found a nice shirt for Carter and we had the rotisserie chicken for lunch. Yep I'd say we are big fans!

4- As I was planning my menu for dinner Tuesday I went searching through all my old recipes. I came across so many from my Mom and Aunt Kay. At one point I almost put them all on my computer in a program but now I am so glad that I didn't. It brings me so much comfort and loving memories when I see their handwriting and little notes in the margins.I have some really old ones on Albertsons receipt tape from customers when I was first learning to cook. Those scraps of paper mean so much to me and I love looking through my old box.

5- Uncle Angelo gave me an old Greek icon that he has had for over 25 years. It belonged to my YaYa's mother, then my YaYa, then to Angelo and he gave it to me on Easter Sunday. He is one tough guy but he got so emotional when he told me the history of this old piece. I guess in the old days they didn't have birth certificates so they would write down the day of their children's birth on the back in the wood. It was the only way to know how old someone was. So my YaYa's birth is on the back along with her sisters and brothers.He really cherished it and I cherish that he has now given it to me. I will find just the right spot to hang it in my home.

6- My bike! I really love my bike and with the weather being so good I love to drive around on it. Even Sandy got in the fun while she was here. I just feel like such a kid when I take off on my bike and let the wind blow through my hair. The hills are still bustin my butt so I try to avoid them at all costs. It is super warm here today so as soon as it cools I am going off again. I love to ride in the evening and peek in the front windows and see what everyone is having for dinner. Yep Mrs Kravitz and her bike.

Wishing you all a fun week filled with love, joy and giggles.


G & H said...

Yeah for a beautiful week!

I love costco too! $1.00 for a giant slice of pizza is right up my alley! AND a tasty churro too?!?! Life is good!

I didn't know they had a shampoo brand! I bought 4 ginormous DOVE shampoo & conditioners and love it though so I'm a happy camper!

Hope you have another wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

Another great Sunday Six, Karen. I could identify with many of the things on your thankful list...not the bike, however. It kills me to ride my bike, I could walk around the world but can hardly get out of the garage on my bike...good for you for keeping up with the exercise. I love Costco too! Shopping there is one of our weekly rituals, they have the coolest stuff and there's just a festive atmosphere that I really like. I hope you have another great week!