Friday, April 17, 2009

"Designers lets make it happen"

That was the phrase I heard from my brother all last week. He would even say it with the famous Tim Gunn lisp accent and clap of the hands. First off lets meet the designers
My sister in law Sandy~
And my brother Dave~
Dave has a hard time sitting still and loves a project.These sweet relatives of mine decided they were going to help me "update" my house a little. My new furniture arrived on the morning they did and once you get new things it gets you in the mood to spruce things up. Dave took me to the paint store and tried to give me his vision of what he wanted to do to my oak tables.
When it comes to vision I am a bit impaired. But trusting their instinct I let go. Wow he did a great job! First he painted the tables barn red,then green over that so when he antiqued them the red would show through. Then he stained them and put on a finish coat. The result "Fabulous" All the while he was painting Sandy gently helped me purge some old stuff. I guess doilies are out? Who knew?(apparently everyone but me) I had a few more than I thought. She kindly asked if any of my friends had any in their homes (no) did maybe some of their grandma's ? I got the point. So after throwing about 8 of them away she found two more in my linen closet. Also my amish prints were screaming 80's, my room needed a rug, 6 new pillows were needed for the family room couch,my white cottage living room needed some color, and the dried flowers on the table were not dried but DEAD. So after at least 5 trips to Homegoods and much rearranging I have to say the place looks great. I thought at first they just watch way too much HGTV but now that I look around I agree they have quite an eye for home design. Thanks designers for all your hard work! Your sweet touches in my home are a lasting blessing and joy.
Pictures of the family room to follow soon..


Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Can your brother adopt me?

Anonymous said...

The House looks FAB!!!!!!! I Love Love the new furniture! Dave and Sandy were so sweet to bless you with their vision! Hats off to ya all!
Ya did good!!!

Love Linds

Anonymous said...

Sista, we must have used about a GALLON of "Doylie Be Gone" but if they come back use them as firestarter...How many Grandmothers DO you have? Oh that was "Gradmothers"...sure...

Love YOU SO and Miss you Worse than ever... Love David

Cougarnana said...

Well I personally really like doilies, I even have a few around and yes, I think they were my grandmother's!! I still am living in the 80's or 70's or some such prehistoric year but I like all my country stuff and I like yours too!! I'm sure I will love your new things too, I really love the green table. I try every now and then to update my furnishings but they just aren't "me" and so, I end up putting a doily somewhere and then I'm comfortable again. I love all the pictures, honestly I really love he For Rent??