Sunday, April 26, 2009

Please excuse Karen from her blog today. She is under the weather, down for the count, unable to crawl to the computer.Thankfully this morning I took a hot shower, put on clean fresh jammies, and watched some of our church service online. But then I crawled back into bed to watch the Food Network and Golden Girl re-runs (you will be missed Bea Arthur). Its been a while since I felt this crummy and though I have much to be thankful for this week ,I seriously don't have the energy to think of them. Today I am thankful for my comfy bed, my sweet nurse of a husband, Tylenol extra strength,cranberry juice, heating pads and magazines. Wishing you all a good week filled with love and giggles. And no sick days


Anonymous said...

Oh Tietta,
I am praying for you to feel better NOW!!! I hate the thought of you feeling down and out! Get the rest you so need! Give that sweet nurse (steve) of yours a great big hug! Take good care of our girl Carter your the Best!

Love Linds

Anonymous said...

Karen, I just this second got my computer back, it's been at the Best Buy Hospital getting de-virused, we got attacked yesterday, it was very scary. I'm so sorry to hear you are sick...sounds like you could use a good de-virusing too!! I hope you get well as fast as my computer did, no time for the sickies, there are posts to write!! Get well fast!!

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Poor Karen. Feel better because book club will not be the same without you~! That intellectual discussion will just decay into stories and giggling otherwise.

Get well friend~!

Sara Beara said...

Mama Carter you need to get better! Who is going to entertain all the greeks and write Thia Karen's blog?! just kidding, no pressure. I find that mindless TV (your Golden girls is my Sex and the City) and hot tea do the trick :) prayers your way!!!