Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sunday Six...Moments that made me smile

Another week has flown by and I have so enjoyed it. February is already fabulous! And there is so much more fun to come! My week has been "Blessed" And my heart wants to stop and say "Thank You" God is good!

1- KAITLIN IS ENGAGED!!! Travis has a friend who he grew up with since kindergarten. And when she was in high school her parents moved to Carlsbad.So she moved in with us to finish her senior year. We had so much fun with her here and grew to love her even more. She has always loved us back and calls us her second family(which makes us burst with pride!)She is such an amazing girl and SO dear to our hearts. They invited us to a party to meet her boyfriend fiances Mum from England. Well during the party he got down on one knee and proposed! He is such a terrific guy and we have loved him from the start.You can't be in the same room with him and not be laughing! She is so happy when she is with him and he clearly just adores her. It was so great to see their sweet families and share in the joy of the day.We couldn't be happier! Can you only imagine how darling a wedding couple they are going to be....So cute!!!!
She was so happy for Travis on his wedding day! A wonderful friend and adopted sister

2- I LOVE that you all did the random 25. I so enjoyed reading all your little quirks(and bad picking habits) We all have our little weird 'things' and I think they are so endearing.It was so fun to read them and laugh! I have to admit I read each one a few times.Good job on the homework girls, Thanks for all the smiles!(I already have another fun assignment up my sleeve)

3- Kensay came over Friday and we spent the day playing and having fun. We went out for a nice dinner and reflexology. It was so relaxing and fun...They are the best friends! Always comfortable and easy to be around. Then we went to their house for a little dinner party on Saturday night after Kaitlin's party.And because Lindsay reads my blog guess what she had ready for me? Iced tea with a straw! I LOVE HER...Weekends with family and friends are always perfect!

4-Our new bed came and wow what a difference. I sleep so good and have so much room. Not that I use all that extra room because I sleep curled up on the edge. But once Steve left for work I sprawled out and just loved it. Now I wonder how we ever slept in a queen for 26 years.

5-I am thankful that I always feel safe with Steve. Literally safe....He is such a good driver and takes so much care in making sure we get home safely. I am a nervous nellie when it rains and we had a long drive home Saturday night in pouring rains. But I felt so secure like I would when I was with my Dad. I just click on the seat warmer, listen to James Taylor(cause that's ALL Steve plays) and relax cause he's got it all in control.

6-I got a new phone and this one has a Nav system on it. I am already addicted! For a girl who gets lost so easily this is a dream come true. It tells you if your route has traffic and will re-route you if needed. It says how far you have to go and what time you are expected to arrive. Technology is amazing and once you update you wonder how you ever lived without it. So now I know I will get to Vons in 2.1 miles and the road is clear!(that little joke is for my brother Ken cause he turns his on for every car ride and we tease him constantly) I am thrilled I will no longer get lost and have to call Steve and try to explain where I am. This is a blessing!


Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Kaitlin is engaged~! Oh my god. I love that girl. During high school, she and Holly and Tini spent a lot of time at our house and they were always entertaining. I have endless pictures of the girls (even on a slip and slide!). And I owe that poor girl my chicken taco recipe. Shoot. What a beautiful girl and she looks so HAPPY!

We used my friend's NAV system on her phone when we were trying to get the AC/DC concert. It was a female voice and she always sounded so irritated when we would goof up or go in a different direction. I would much rather have, say, Antonio Banderas or Gerard Butler giving me directions. Wishful thinking for a rainy Sunday.

I am really hoping we can get Casey to do the 25 Random Things and maybe, maybe, get Nancy to start a blog~! Can you imagine with her sense of humor what that would be like?! Some of your friends are truly a hoot. I posted on The Mighty Lunds because she is just too funny. She very nicely said that any friend of Karen's is okay!

Another fabulous Sunday Six!

Anonymous said...

So happy for your happy week! It's always fun to read about what you've been up to and it sounds like you had some excitement this week! Good for you! WOW, a new bed, that is really exciting, you should get a new blanket for it, there is one I can recommend at Target!! We got a new bed a couple of years ago, we stayed with a queen and I don't know why, except neither of us move around much when we sleep and it seems like we really don't need the extra room, we have a huge bedroom however and many times I wish we had gotten a king. I hope you have another fun and happy week!!

Lindsay said...

Loved your Sunday Six! That is so awesome about Kaitlin!!! What a sweet girl she is!! I did not know you and bud had a wet drive home Saturday night! I know you are always in great hands with Carter! Loved seeing ya this weekend you both always make us laugh and it is therapy for the both of us! We love ya both and I want you to make this trip to San Fran the best family trip ever!!! Have a BLAST! Can't wait for the up-date on The Blog!

Anonymous said...

Navigation systems are amazing! I don't know what I did before the garmen. Oh and James Taylor is amazing, so at least he has good taste :)

Anonymous said...

Woohooo! I made the Sunday Six! Haha, I am so glad I can finally comment on here! You are so sweet and I am so happy you were there for some of it! Your words mean so much to me and I can't wait to include you in all the fun to come! I still can't believe it!

Love you so much!
Kaitlin (the bride to be! :)

The Lunds (and a few Koenigs) said...

What a great week for you. You must have been walking around with the hugest smile. How wonderful.