Friday, February 27, 2009

Sunday Six...Things that made me smile

Another Sunday to pause and say Thank You for the blessings and joys in our life...It is a sweet life indeed...

1-A blog comment from Dave that had me in stitch's. When I wrote about the Greeks and how we are a tad nosy. (especially with perfect strangers) This is what Dave had to add to my post. And it's so true I cried laughing. You might have thought I was kidding, but these are the 'normal' details gathered from a waitress or just the innocent person sitting next to you at a Dr's office.
{Sista you crack me up, Cholesterol heck, Birthday, Favorite Color, Kids Ages, Wants, Needs, Family History, Best Childhood Memory, Favorite Place to Shop, Where they Bought their Shoes, Favorite Pedicure Location, give them ten minutes, they will get the scoop}

2-Had another fun day with Thia Mary in Hemet! This time we were off to visit with her friend Sherie.And it felt like an afternoon with the Golden Girls. I have so much fun just listening to them chat. At one point I took out my camera and filmed a little while they were talking about the academy awards.Mary is almost 83 and I love how hip she is about the Hollywood Stars.She loves Hugh Jackman,thinks Jen was only smiling at Brad, and that John Mayer is a dud.It was a fun day and once again I drove away smiling.

3- Speaking of blog comments...Ashlyn and I both so appreciated the encouraging words about Carter and Cook. You all are so darn sweet and if you only knew how much your love and sweet comments mean to me. You read all our faults and gripes and cheer for our joys. And I LOVE YOU ALL right back!

4-Mekenna and I had a fun play day! I picked her up from Kindergarten and the smile she greeted me with melted my heart! We went to lunch and then off to the park to play for hours. Every once in a while she would yell out "I love you auntie Karen" It brought back so many memories of being at the park with my boys. When we came home she played with Chad & Uncle Steve and we just loved having her here! She wanted to eat off her Nemo plate, and snuggle under her Dora blanket. She remembers all those things from when she was here as a baby. The love you give a child is truly never forgotten.

5-I have been organizing my pantry! It sounds silly but it makes me feel so much better. My pantry is a thorn in my side because I am NOT a organized person. I tend to just shove stuff in and shut the door. But I found these little storage containers and have been treating myself to a few.They have pop lids that are air tight and they look so clean.(kinda expensive but if you use your 20% off coupon at BB&B it helps) Only problem is now I don't want to grocery shop because it looks so nice... 6-Stopped by my friend Krissy's house on the way home from Hemet and had such a fun visit with her. For so long we would meet up at least once a week for lunch or a movie.Then we both got busy and we don't see each other near enough. It was so fun to be at her home laughing and getting caught up. We met at a transfer interview for Albertsons years ago and became friends right in the break room. And we've been buddies ever since. She is a joy and we both promised to see each other more !


Our Thrift Store said...

Loved the video of Aunt Mary! Keep em coming. Classic hidden video. I love you Dave

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

I am super jealous you got to organize your pantry. I hurry into mine, shove the door closed, and run. My sister-in-law has absolutely the funniest stories about her mother, early 80s, my mother in her early 70s and her BFF in her 80s. I am always after her to post about them because I know you would appreciate them~!

I so want to meet your brother~! I am an oversharer though, too, so it could be TMI time.

Your "small" friends are as adorable as your "bigger" friends. Not that they are big...sigh, you know what I mean.