Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sunday Six...Things that made me smile.

Grateful and Content! Two things I always want to be. We have so much to be thankful for and here are six of mine. Some silly, some small but all are joys none the less.

1- I adore this song "Lucky" I have found myself singing it all week and have it as my ring tone for my phone. It makes me so happy! I haven't had my music player on my blog lately but wanted you all to hear this little bit of joy. What song has been on your heart this week? Let me know I would love to add it to my play list.

2-My new vacuum arrived from Bonnie~ wow its super pretty and very "Judy Jetson". It swivels and lays flat so you can vacuum under your bed.It's super quiet and has lots of fun little attachments. It is a little heavy so I think I will make that my downstairs one and not carry it up and down.The best part was coming home to a package! I LOVE packages!

3-Chloe~My niece brings me so much joy its crazy!! She is truly one of my very best friends. We share the exact same humor and when we talk on the phone its pure giggles and fun! I am so incredibly proud of her as she is doing her internship. Long 10 hour days and being away from home but she is killing it! The kids all adore her (who wouldn't) and the hospital staff has come to really depend on her. We are almost at the 1/2 mark until she comes home and we can hardly wait.

4-Tonight are the Academy Awards! I have mentioned before how much I love sitting on my couch in old jammies watching the people arrive on the red carpet while I critique the clothes they wear.I certainly don't agree with many of the Hollywood stars views or behaviors but there is just something in me that has always loved award shows! Uncle Angelo won a academy award and was nominated numerous times so we would gather around the TV and watch while I was growing up.Angelo would take turns taking my aunts to the awards with him.So maybe that's where it all started. So I am excited to pop that popcorn and watch the limos arrive!

5-The Tennessee Krikacs are coming to California!! Sandy emailed me this week saying they were going to come for a visit in April. There is no way to describe how much I miss them.And just knowing they will be here soon makes me feel like its already Spring. I found myself singing "Happy Days Are Here Again " after learning this fun news!

6-Another Song for my week is "I can see clearly now,the rain blur is gone" I had an appointment for my eyes and found out mine had gotten much worse. I was still wearing my old prescription and had not noticed how blurry my eye sight was. I just adapted. But now with my new lenses I can see great! Along with my great new sight is the realization that I need to dust more, vacuum more, and I am much further away from the "thin and tan"thing than I thought.

I wish you all a sweet week.........filled with love, joy,and giggles.


Casey said...

I'm glad you "Can See Clearly Now"! Can't wait to see your Judy Jetson vacuum cleaner came! Tell Chole "Hi" and glad to know she's killing it! Such a lovely girl!

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Maybe I will not get a new prescription. My rose colored glasses suit me fine, especially if they remove some poundage. I like Casey's name for your new vac--Judy Jetson vacuum cleaner~! I love getting packages, too. Like celebrating an un-birthday. Chloe is just so wonderful and you're right, who wouldn't love her? Half way through already!!! Time flies, even when you are a hermit.

Back to the Red Carpet. Loved Natalie Portman, missed Miley Cyrus though.

Cougarnana said...

I really enjoyed your Sunday Six, as always! But now I'm worried about my glasses, what if my house is filthy and my makeup is on all screwy and I don't even know it...this is just awful!! I have been giving some thought to having my eyes examined this year, however, but just because I want some of those Sarah Palin glasses. Hey, the new vacuum cleaner sounds so fun and high tech and how exciting that you got it from Bonnie!! Maybe you should hang it on the wall and put a big frame around it! AND...Oh my gosh, I got in so much trouble from Kaci because you were apologizing about The Counter. She said we had made you feel so bad and we were awful people, etc. I'm so sorry, I surely didn't want you to feel any responsibility for us going there. I had actually heard about it and wanted to go there before you ever mentioned it on your blog. Everything about the place was really good, just like you said, they gave us a "form" to fill out and we got to choose everything we wanted on our burgers, etc. The only bad thing was that the buns were stale and dry, all the "stuff" on the buns was very good. BUT the very best part was the sweet potato fries, I would go there again and again for those, they were TO DIE FOR!!! I think those need to "catch on" at, maybe, In 'n Out!! Thanks for sharing your week with us, I loved it.

Ashlyn Carter said...

YAY! Our Tennessee family is coming?!?!? This is amazing news. Oh I can't wait!!!