Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Love

I love February!! 
It has always been one of my very favorite months. I will never forget my daddy driving up on Valentines day with a special treat just for me! He always remembered his favorite girl and I always beamed with love and pride knowing he thought of me and loved me so much 
I always loved watching the boys spill out all their cards on the floor feeling so loved with their paper bags overflowing with sweet sentiments from school friends
Showing our love to others is always a blessing and you gotta love a month who celebrates it
But this February is going to be the MOST special one yet because it's  the month we have been dreaming of
Our Grandson will be arriving ! 
Talk about LOVE!! 
Funny how much love is overflowing for this little guy and we have not yet gazed upon his sweet face. I can already feel his sweet fingers in mine and I pray for him every single day !
I LOVE seeing Travis and Ashlyn getting ready for his arrival. They have taken their classes, created the sweetest nursery  and prepared their hearts for this sweet little babe
God is so good and I thank Him so much for all the blessings he has given to our family.
So many things I love this February....
steve and my boys.ashlyn being the sweetest daughter I could dream of. great friends. the sweet pup brody who is such a constant loyal companion. memories of amazing parents who loved us so sweet brothers and their amazing books that take me away.conversation orange home. random texts that say i love you.fireplaces and blankets.greek yogurt.laughing
And to you my readers, Thank you for loving my blog enough to stop by
Wishing you love over flowing this February!! 


Jojo and Ralph said...

I am so excited for your baby to come. My favorite thing is "new baby smell"!!!!!! It only lasts for a week or so, but it is the greatest smell. I wish someone would bottle it into an air freshener.

And I am so jealous of Ashlyn that she has such a fantastic mother in law. She is a very lucky girl that you love her so much and it's genuine. What a help you will be throughout her life.

Happy February!!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love your blog!! You always make me smile and remember that I have so many blessings and things to be thankful for as well. I am so happy for you on the arrival of your grandson, I hope that someday soon, I will experience that as well.

Cougarnana said...

I, too, love February. I think it's my favorite month although I also like June pretty well (my birthday month). Anyway, we're so excited about your baby and can't wait for him to get here. I can remember all the details of our first grandchild's birth but I can hardly remember what happened yesterday. It was a very special day...17 years ago!! I hope everything goes well and that he's as handsome as Travis!