Friday, January 27, 2012

A dreamy overnight stay!

Last weekend Steve and I had a wonderful get away before I started back to work. I only work three days a week but it still sometimes makes it hard to get away so off we went for a night in PARADISE
I know what you are thinking...
Karen always over exaggerates
And yes, sometimes I do,
But not this time!
This is where we stayed!!
Pelican Hill

It was ahhhmazing !
We had a fire place in our room, our own patio and a beautiful tub that I took a long swim soak in. 
In the morning we went to a fun breakfast place called Rose Cafe and hiked along the beach at Crystal Cove 
The property has the most amazing olive trees and outside our door was a darling lemon tree!  Of course we asked for a late check out to soak up every minute of this beautiful resort
It truly was a once in a lifetime treat 
And it was given to us by our generous, thoughtful kids Travis and Ashlyn! They could have used the getaway themselves because the baby is due in just a month, but they wanted us to enjoy it. They know we love hotels and they had stayed there for a work event and  wanted us to have the experience too !
Who does that for their parents??
Our kids do....
What a wonderful treat ! We felt like royalty pulling in with the Bentleys and Porches. And we will always remember laying in bed with the fire on, wearing luxurious robes, eating frozen yogurt and feeling like a Prince and Princess!   
We thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts!!!

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Cougarnana said...

Ahhh...Pelican Hill...such a beautiful place. We stay across the street at the Marriott every other year or so and I always wonder what's going on over there at PH, you know, where all the gorgeous people stay. What a wonderful gift from your must be the best parents!