Thursday, January 19, 2012

Random moments that all lead to joy!

We have had so much going on in our little family this year, but I am determined to focus on all the wonderful blessings and joy around us. I still believe that gratitude changes everything!  

God shows me His love and faithfulness more in times of rain than I can ever see in the sunshine

So I am welcoming this storm knowing at the end there will be a huge rainbow and we will be changed for the better!

A few joys that were mine this week....

Ashlyn had another baby shower put on by her sweet partner at Carter and Cook and her dear friend Lacey! You can only imagine how beautiful it all was when you have a event planner involved. I am hoping for better pictures soon but I did capture a couple with my camera. It was a "Woodland" theme just like the babies nursery will be. Ashlyn is beautiful inside and out and so are her family and friends....

Soooo sweet!

I also had the BEST day at the Animal Park!  I feel like I have been off work for so  long and didn't have enough "play" days! So off I went to the San Diego Safari Park
It was majestic..

There is something so amazing about seeing animals in the wild and I sat for almost an hour just watching the Gorillas with their new baby . The  were wrestling and cuddling and it brought so much joy to my heart. I also rode the safari tram and the guide said something that struck my heart so strongly! She said " if you look you will see the baby rhino surrounded by the others. It is their nature to all gather around someone who is weak, sick, or young and protect it until it is strong again " 

We have much to learn as people don't we?

I hope I remember to surround people when they need care and love them until they are strong again
It was a fabulous way to spend the day !

I ended the day with a little visit with Ashlyn and saw the progress on the darling nursery she is putting together. Then off to Hodad's with Chad.  Diners, Drive in and Dives did a segment on this place and they were spot on when they said it is the  

It happens to be in Ocean Beach and we love to meet there. After dinner we stopped in a drug store to get Chad cold medicine and I turned around and he was gone? So I asked where he went and he said " to help that man in the wheelchair get his cough drops"

I tell you this boy does not miss a beat when it comes to helping someone out!

It literally is his first instinct. I tried to tell Steve about how sweet he is but I just cried.
I have the best time when I am with my family and always come home feeling thankful beyond measure!

Lastly my favorite quote this week is from Max Lucado

"Focus less on the tangled threads and more on the hand of the weaver"

I LOVE that! And even though our life sometimes feels like a tangled mess, He will make it beautiful in time   
Wishing you love, joy and giggles!


Anonymous said...

The shower looks so cute, I'm sure it was amazing! I love Chad, most genuine heart ever, so happy you share those stories with us! Thanks for the quote, wouldn't you know- it was exactly what I needed to hear today! Love you! XOXO Kaitlin

Anonymous said...

Karen, I absolutely love reading your blog, it makes me smile and reflect everytime I read it. Please keep it going....Donna