Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Six...

This has been a good week, with so much as always to be thankful for.
So here are the top six that come to mind.

1- Strawberries! I adore berries and we have the best stand near our house that sells strawberries that are so sweet you think they're candy. I often eat a couple on the way home before I even wash them because they are just that irresistible. A favorite fruit dip if you want to serve something extra special is mixing a 8 oz cream cheese with one jar of marshmallow creme. It is soooo yummy!  But I love them just right of the cute green boxes.

2- We met up with our three kids Friday night for dinner to celebrate Ashlyns birthday. They just returned home from a 10 day trip to Hawaii and they looked great and rested. We went to "Phils BBQ" which has been on our list of places to go for long. But the line is always at least two hours long!  We found out that if you sign up online you get a free "front of the line pass" on your birthday so last night we went right in and felt like such a big deal! We had pulled pork sandwiches,onion rings and ribs.It was delish and most importantly the birthday girl loved it!  And we LOVE her!

3-Our bathroom remodel is almost done!  Steve worked so hard on it as he does everything for our house. He put in crown molding and we painted the walls a  pretty mocha color.The guys almost finished the tile today but will be back Tuesday. So our little bed and breakfast will be open for company soon. So come on over for a sleepover! Fresh flowers, coffee, magazines and crisp sheets are always included!
4-Another fun day with Thia Mary. We have so much fun together and she is the next best thing to having my mom with me. We went out to lunch and had a foot massage. We ran a couple errands and just enjoyed the day. She still cracks me up. She told me one day she couldn't come because she had to shop for "brassieres" Now seriously who still calls them that? She is hysterical and doesn't even know it.

5-One week from today I will be landing in NASHVILLE!  And I can hardly wait to see my family and wrap my arms around that silly Sara. And of course the other "little" fun thing called the CMT awards!! This gal is sooooooo excited

6-I am thankful that I start to get anxiety about being away from Steve for that long. Crazy after all these years that I still enjoy his company so much and feel sad that we will be apart for 8 days. Everything to me is just more fun with Carter ! And that is a BLESSING!

Well I wish you all a happy week filled with love,joy and giggles! And time to stop and say "Thank You" for all the blessings! Life is never  perfect but if we train our eyes we will  find the daisy's  growing through the weeds.

And just because I think they are the cutest....Dont they look like a magazine cover


Jojo and Ralph said...

This was a great post. But the part I love best (and I got kinda teary when I read it) was the part about Steve. I feel that way about my husband too. And I keep thinking that it's because we are still newly weds. But I will pray every night that I still feel this way about him after 30 years of marriage and you are proof that it can happen.

Anonymous said...

You are right everything is more fun with Carter, berries are the best,we can always find joy, and yes those kids are gorgeous!

ashlyn said...

aw. love you.