Friday, May 14, 2010

It's the little things...

*Taking Brody to the "laundered mutt" for a bath, then stopping off to share a frozen yogurt on the way home. We sat together outside in the sun content as can be...
We both ate our bowls clean ! He had vanilla and I had watermelon sorbet

*Being at a wedding with my sweet hubby, holding hands during the vows and always saying them again to ourselves under our breath.

*Sara calling me at least 10 times to say how excited she is to see her auntie in June!
                I love my silly Sara~

*Knowing this Sunday is the 'Survivor' and 'Apprentice' finales. I plan on being cozy in jammies watching TV for hours.

*Mothers day cards  from Kaitlin and Abby, my darling girls who make me feel like such a special second mom. Oh how I love them.....

*Chad's facebook status read...
"made my day when I snuck on the roof and dropped a bucket of water on Alec while he was peacefully gardening"
I can imagine Chad being so giddy running down the hall ! He is such a prankster and I cant help but question  "Why does that make me so proud? "

*Met a new sweet customer friend named Ruth. She was married for 65 years and her husband passed two years ago. We chatted for quite a bit, & when she left I gave her a hug  and she hugged me back so tight and said " Thank you"  It literally brought tears to my eyes.   

Yep its the little things that add up to so much love and joy!  What little things made your life extra sweet this week? 
I would LOVE to know..... 


Just Believing said...

I LOVE Survivor! Whose your vote for??? Is it weird I don't hate Parvati! Everyone does but I don't! In fact I hope she wins ;)

If JD isn't there to win that is which he isn't because he messed pu majorly! And Colby has no hope that boy couldn't win a competition if his life depended on it!

Holly Girl said...

My nephew graduated from Cal State San Marcos Saturday. When we saw him and started screaming his name, he heard us, looked right at us and waved so excitedly! It filled my heart.

Stopped at my younger sister's house after graduation and ate her family's leftover Mexican food from Roberto's! Sitting at the family table with her three little ones was priceless.

The sound of our new dog Hank's tail thumping the carpet as he waits patiently for us to come down in the morning! (of course he has his favorite toy in his mouth to offer the first to rise!)

My 16 year old telling me his Sunday morning breakfast was delicious and I was the best! (I realized it was only because he was famished, and food just always tastes that much better when you are!) P.S. He's always famished by the way!

Watching my dad climb the bleachers at my son's baseball games. He graciously accepts my hand in his for a little assistance. His hands are so soft!

Went shopping at Winco with a certain amount of money to spend...without a calculator I came in a couple of dollars under!

And of course....reading your blog! :)

Cougarnana said...

I commented about how much I love this post on my blog and then realized I hadn't commented on yours...Sorry. This was so cute and I love all the "little" things you said. It really is about the little things in life that can make us so happy and feel so uplifted. Just a smile, a kind word, a note, a hug, a prank...all these things can lift our spirits. Keep up the good work, I know you're the Queen of making people happy. Love You.