Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I have much on my heart, and writing always seems to ease my mind....

Michael Jackson~ I wasn't going to weigh in on this because it seems the whole world is consumed with the man whose talent literally robbed him of a normal life. No amount of money can fix the problems of the heart. I loved his music and grew up listening to him, but was a little jaded about the whole funeral circus until his little girl spoke.
No matter who he was to us and to the world, he was her Daddy and the heartbreak in her voice about did me in. I am going to pray for those kids every day that they might have the kind of love he searched for his whole life. And I know it is the unconditional love of our Father in heaven.

Sweet Melanie who won my blog give away took a photo of her gifts and shared it on her blog.My moms favorite song from the Sound Of Music was "My favorite things" She would sing it to us endlessly and I loved it! So I sent Mel a few of my favorite things.Gift cards to Jamba Juice for their steel cut oatmeal, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for their apricot iced tea (amazing!)and Golden Spoon for their cake batter frozen yogurt.I also added one of Brody's favorite chew toys for her new puppy "Radar" and my favorite new laundry soap. It was so fun to send a serendipity and think I'll have another give away soon!

My camera broke and I could not even make it a week without it.So off I went to Costco yesterday for a brand new shiny one. I missed taking photos so much! We had a great 4th of July but was not able to take a single shot. Once some of my family and friends post photos on facebook I will steal em and share the fun. I so love the 4th of July!!

Brody LOVES me! He gets so darn excited when we get home he can hardly stand it! And I find myself hurrying home to see this little guy! He is getting so big and so darn smart! He knows, sit-stay-come-shake-leave it-and water. a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.

The countdown is on! Steve and I leave Sunday morning for a five day get away with my brother and Sandy!! I can hardly wait to see them and give them hugs! Or as Dave says "git over here and let me love on yur neck"

Whats on your heart? Share something in my comments, I would love to know.Have a sweet rest of the week and know that you are loved. REALLY LOVED ! By me and more importantly by the Lord who says His thoughts of you outnumber ALL the sands of the sea. If you feel lonely or sad, scoop up a handful of sand and start counting. He loves us more than we can ever imagine.


Melanie said...

Ok, here is some of what is on my heart... I agree with you about MJ. I just feel weird because I am not heart broken about him dying. I mean sure, I can appreciate his music and I feel bad for his family... But so many people I know are taking this as a personal sorrow. He is one of those people who others feel close to even though they don't know him I guess?? I have really only ever known him as "weird" guy. I wasn't around/old enough to remember the "glory days" of MJ. But I do feel so sad for his kids, and I do hope they are well taken care of in the coming years as they deal with this loss.
Also, Radar LOVES his new toy. He has been playing with it lots!

Anonymous said...

I agree word for word with Melanie about M.J., except for the part about not being old enough to remember the glory days...I do remember them but I was too in love with Donny Osmond to have given M.J. a single thought! I'm so happy you have your little Brody, every now and then I think we should get another dog but then I remember how hard it was when our Katie died and I just don't want to go through that again but I sure do love dogs. That little Bentley is adorable too.