Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Shea and Sean~

Yesterday was the 18th birthday of my best friends twins. I still wonder how those 18 years flew by so darn fast.Shea invited all the girls to Palm Springs for a get away to help celebrate! I feel so blessed that she included auntie Karen in on the fun! Shea has always had such a soft spot in my heart. She has not been the easiest child for Sandy, but I would always remind them that she was going to be a GREAT kid. And she sure is!! (just like my Chad they have too big a personality to fit in little bodies) Shea loves her family and hanging with us when we are there.Steve just adores her too.To Sandy and Dennis I say "Great job" You are wonderful parents and those twins who were so much work are all grown up and they are amazing! I feel so blessed that I have been able to be part of their lives.Here are some fun pics from the birthday celebration. Sorry Sean you are not included in this post, but I am sure the poker party with all boys will be a blast (and it will be smelly,messy,rowdy,and filled with a menu of meat,meat and more meat) I love you both the most!

Sweet younger sis Cassie doing her hair

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