Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Six...Things that made me smile

Another week to pause and say Thank You for the joys of the week. The big and small things...
I'm living life with an attitude of gratitude. Because God has been SO good to us!

1- Chad is moving back to San Diego as his life guard job will start up again. After living 3 years with Travis and all those terrific guys its time for him to move into a new place with new experiences. There are a couple options opening up and we are praying for the Lord to guide and provide the perfect place for him.

2-As I was writing that, the tears started flowing down my face! Man I am going to miss that kid. What a joy it has been having him home for 3 months and how lucky I am to have the kind of kids that make my heart ache when they are not nearby. He brings so much joy when he is around and we are really going to miss him. But Travis was thrilled knowing his best friend is going to be back in town!

3-We have had the prettiest days here in T Town. Big white puffy clouds, crisp air and sunshine. Yesterday at the farmers market I bought the most beautiful sweet strawberries! And when Kenny and Lindsay came I served them with my fabulous fruit dip. So yummy and it makes me feel like Spring is on its way.

4-Walmart has the yummiest candles! They smell delicious, and are super cheap. My favorite part is that they come in darling little ironstone containers.So after the candle was gone I cleaned it out and put some fresh flowers in it.So cute and super cheap....
5-I got a fun surprise on my porch Friday.The work parties seem to always be on Fridays which is my day off. They try to lure me to stop by for pizza and fun, but I just cant bring myself to go there on my day off. So this week they brought out the big guns. White cupcakes!! Trays of them. And they sent a picture of them to my phone to let me now what I was missing.I love you all but am still not coming by on my day off. So my sweet friend Trish smuggled a couple and dropped these on my porch...I love surprises,I love cupcakes and I love her for thinking of me! I only ate 1/2 (the top half with all the frosting)
6-I am thankful for the little life lessons. This morning as I was washing and filling my hummingbird feeder I thought of my Thia Kay. One day she was over when I was trying to scrub the inside of my very tall feeder.So she taught me the trick of putting some rice in it. Then you add water and shake. By works like a little scrubber. And years later every time I clean it I think of her.I am so thankful for the memories of people who shape out lives in such unique special ways. I wonder what little things my kids or friends will remember me for years down the road?

Wishing you all a sweet week filled with love, joy and peace!


Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

I totally agree about the beautiful weather this week~! One day, I am going to have to remember to go to the Farmer's Market, especially with spring upon us soon.

I hope you enjoyed your cupcakes~!

Ashlyn Carter said...

Oh Chad. What a sweetie pie.

We will be happy to have the bro closer to us….so you’ll just have to come visit more :). Love you and love your sweet things that bring you joy!

You are such a blessing to all of your kids – we love you!

Cougarnana said...

I love reading your Sunday Six...sorry I'm late in commenting! Let's see where shall I begin...Oh, white cupcakes, my very favorite! I could eat a dozen at a time! I'm sorry about Chad leaving you but San Diego isn't far and what a fun place for you to go to visit all your kids. I love San Diego, another favorite of mine. I have one of those WalMart candles, I bought it because of the cute container but I ended up loving the candle too. Now I'm going to follow your suggestion and clean it out and use it as a vase, such a cute idea!! Thanks! I bought some daffodils at Albertson's last week and they would have been perfect, they're dead now but I'll check to see if they have some more, or maybe a cute gerbera daisy. I'm glad you're having beautiful days in Temecula, California is a gorgeous place when the air is clear. I hope you have another super week, with lots of cake, clear skies, flowers, family and all the other things that make your life happy!!