Friday, March 20, 2009

Memory Lane~

Just kidding....but he made me smile today ♥


Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Tighty whiteys are so cute, even if they are covered in chocolate.

Cougarnana said...

Where is his mother????

The Lunds (and a few Koenigs) said...

I cracked up at this post because the stupid ice cream man drives by my house at least 7 times a day lately and Allie thinks that she needs to run out there and make a purchase every time with the money she steals from my purse. Yesterday, she came in bawling because that guy told her "HE HAD NOTHING FOR 33 CENTS"
So she says... "That's it!! I am never buying from that man again. Can you take me to Maverick?"

Cougarnana said...

You know, some days I feel just like that!