Friday, March 6, 2009

Just Thinking....

I have nothing to post about today but was in the mood to write...

Diet Orange Crush is amazing. With lots of ice and a straw of course! r.e.f.r.e.s.h.i.n.g.

I bought "The Wisdom of Menopause" from Costco.I felt way too young to have it in my cart. But the hot flashes,sleepless nights,moodiness, Yep it's all here so I could sure use a little wisdom.

My friend Kathy had the funniest blog title. "I wish my birthday suit would shrink in the dryer"It made me laugh this morning and I was thinking I would be willing to tumble on high for 20 minutes if it would do the trick. Thanks for the smile friend. (and great idea to throw in a bounce sheet to get rid of my wrinkles)

I had a strawberry lemon drop martini last night.How yummy that little treat was.Even better was the gathering of friends chatting and having fun.

I bought the cutest little pink camera case from eBay. $4.29 and free shipping. I love it!
I love the smell of Gain laundry soap. When I am doing laundry the smells make me happy even though the piles don't.

My friend Jeremy(Mekennas daddy) brought me a piece of Knotts Berry Farm Pie yesterday. I thought that was Berry sweet of him. We used to love to go there for chicken dinner when we were kids!

I dropped off eight old videos at Costco yesterday. Cant wait to find out whats on them!

I sent Travis a note in the mail. And as I did I tucked a dollar inside. I suddenly flashed back to how many letters my mom would send us and every time she would put a dollar inside. Sometimes she would write 'go have a ice cream cone on me' or 'treat yourself to a candy today' A dollar will never change anyone's life but what a sweet gesture and a lasting memory that feels like a hug.

Wishing you all a fun weekend. Filled with love,joy and giggles............


Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

I am glad you enjoyed the giggle. After my rant yesterday, I needed to laugh. I love this post. You are channeling Thomas Sowell, the uber smart economist at Stanford, by the way. He does a column called Random Thoughts, although I think I like yours much better. Thanks for the giggle back. The image of you tumbling in the dryer, perhaps with a Bounce dryer sheet (for even less wrinkles) was a hoot.

Maybe we will get another Memory Lane post?? Please!

I loved the smell of Tide Cold Water wash but that means they took it off the market. How do they know I like it? I may try Gain now. I am hope that does not jinx anyone.

Maybe I will try that martini tomorrow night~! Sounds yummy. Love, Kat

Anonymous said...

This was a fun post to read! I especially liked the $1 idea, I think I will do that whenever I send my grandchildren a note (they will probably be disappointed that it isn't a $20)! I also use Gain and really love it. I like the apple/something fragrance. I bought some for Kami not long ago and grabbed the Mango/something smell and it made all of Brent's clothes smell bad, I felt don't buy that fragrance. We had to use baking soda to get the smell out. I'm in such a happy mood today, it's beautiful outside and Daylight Savings Time starts tomorrow night, the days will be longer and we can have bbq's and sit out front and talk to our neighbors as they walk by...I love life, don't you!!

G & H said...

What sweet ideas you have! $1 in the card so cute! And I loved your reindeer names at Christmas thing too ( yes I've been stalking your blog that long, ever since Ashlyn posted it in the taco blog :)