Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sunday Six...Things for which I am grateful

I have so much to be thankful for this week. We are truly blessed ...

1- I am thankful for my new computer! I know it seems silly but I realized this last week how much it keeps me in contact with the people I love. My new one is so easy to use and fast as a rocket! I love apples, apple pie, apple cider, apple martinis and now my APPLE ♥computer.

2- I am thankful for the "realness" of family. It is so good to have that loving perspective in this crazy life. The bible says "as iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another" and that is how it is with my brothers and their wives. We can be so honest and real with one another and always feel safe. It is such a comfort for us all to have each other to bounce things off and get honest criticism or perspective. It is something I welcome and cherish.

3- My dear friend Brian surprised me with a pop in. Chad was out washing his car and said I had a friend here. In came Brian, his wife and darling little boy. They live in Texas now so it was a huge surprise. We had the BEST time laughing and getting caught up. He is a long time Albertsons guy and we had such a blast when we worked together.He always made work so much more fun. His sweet little boy told me I was nice, and I said "no Cameron auntie is skinny and pretty" So he kept saying it over and over.(love that smart perceptive little guy haha) I love your family and hope you come back soon !

4- The Donatellis are coming for EASTER! We are so excited to have our "new" family here for the day with the Greeks. With David and his family flying in , we will have quite the crowd. Holidays have always been such a precious memory for me with my moms family and they are all so excited to have the Dono's coming to join us.I just hope Ashlyn's family is ready for the barrage of love (and questions)

5- I got more videos from Costco of old home movies. It is so fun to see clips of what sometimes feels like a lifetime ago. My kids were so stinkin cute , and it makes me so happy to have these moments captured. Which is partly why I blog, to capture these days for them to always remember. I have footage of Dave and Paul in what can only be explained as a Battleship WAR. Yes folks the board game, but not to these two grown men. It was so fierce! So you can bet this little sister will be showing them the video and then setting up the game at Easter to let them rematch. Battleship is now on my 'to buy' list.(Dave since you read my blog no practicing!)

6-EVERYTHING in T town is in bloom! Driving up the street to my house are those beautiful white trees filled with flowers. They are so full it looks like trees with snow. Amazing~ And even the flowers my sweet Tietta planted before the wedding are coming back and blooming in full swing. I am thankful to live in such a pretty area, and for a mom that taught me to admire the fall foliage and spring blooms.

Wishing you all a wonderful week filled with love, joy, family, friends, and giggles


Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

The trees on Margarita are breathtaking. I want to take my camera down there and get pictures before they are gone. I have a hankering to go to the Huntington Library. Their gardens are so beautiful. Have a joyous Sunday.

Anonymous said...

How blessed we are to have the Carters in our lives! I am vouching for alot of people out there in blog land! The fun, laughter and most of all the LOVE that you give out is incredible! Thanks for being just the BESTEST of buds! We love you both more than words can ever say!

Love us xoxo

Ashlyn Carter said...

Travis and I are so excited to have our 2 families together for Easter this year - what a blessing it will be! Love you so much and have a blessed week. Also, I'm here to help you with Easter so please let me know - I might want to try to make this easter cake I saw in my beloved martha magazine :)

Anonymous said...

As always, I loved reading your Sunday Six. I should include it as one of my SIX each week! You truly are blessed to have such a wonderful family, I realize more and more everyday just how rare this can be and it sounds like you will be having a fun-filled Easter. I can't wait for all the pictures. Is Brian someone I know? I couldn't get the video to work, my computer skills are still very limited...sorry! I remember Temecula being a beautiful little city although I probably wouldn't recognize it now, I swear, we have got to come to California for a visit soon. I hope you have another wonderful week!

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

I LOVE pop-in visits...they are the BEST! No notice, no call...just here we are...we were thinking of and wanted to see you. They are the most complimentary visits of all!
I too love the realness of Family. Our family is so good that way...but I am afraid not all are...some families are jealous and just down right mean to one another, do not support one another, and are intentionally hurtful...this is something I will NEVER understand! I am lucky to have a family who love, respect, support and just LIKE each other! We are blessed!