Sunday, May 18, 2014

Just thinkin ...

I stumbled upon a blog of a fun, young writer who is the daughter of a friend of mine
And she did this cool post " If we were on a coffee date with you " and shared what she would be filling you in on if she was sitting across from you sharing a coffee.
I just liked the concept so much that I decided to try it too

If I were on a coffee date with you ....
I would be drinking a Apricot Ceylon iced tea from Coffee Bean because it is by far MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE !  It has been for years, and I don't get to enjoy them near enough
I have them brew it fresh for me and then ice it because it is extra strong that way
And I  love their crunch ice ...perfection

I would tell you how much I have LOVED reading lately ! I devour one book and move onto the next with such excitement. I am on Goodreads so come find me ! I love this site so much because it keeps you organized and allows you to see what your friends are reading and loving !  I can spend hours browsing for new books and getting excited about what to read next. This morning I found the 2014 Beach Read guide and already added a few to my list.  I am currently reading " The invention of wings " and so enjoying it 

I would also tell you about my day with my best friends. Last week  I spent a belated Mothers Day with the boys and Ashlyn. We had such a nice day. Ashlyn had gotten us all  lunch from my favorite place in San Diego " Con Pane"  {The Turkey club is the bomb}  And they all gave me the sweetest , most tender cards. And Travlyn gave me a beautiful framed pic of Beckham and I and some amazing Meyer lemon olive oil. I have been obsessed with Meyer Lemons this year ! It was a fun day and I always drive away with the happiest heart and a smile that lasts for days.

And lastly I would tell you how much I love Tim McGraws new song " meanwhile back at mommas"  There is something about that song that makes me happy ! If you haven't heard it click here and give it a listen. So sweet, and nostalgic  

Well thanks for meeting me for coffee
I am off to go float in the pool and swim !  I feel terrible for ditching out on church today but am wiped out and needing a little bit of quiet time. My sweet hubby just left without me. I love that he is such a Godly man who will go alone even if I dont. Please forgive me Lord
But I will chat with Him while I float and thank Him for all the blessings in my life.  I am overwhelmed with thankfulness  !
Wishing you all a beautiful week filled with love and giggles!!   

And speaking of giggles, sadly this reminded me of me ....


Cougarnana said...

Cute post, Sophia. I hope we really can meet for person... one day soon. I'll be drinking my favorite drink of coke!! Diet coke and water.....they are my life. Sounds like you've been having some fun lately. Tell me...what has been your favorite book this past year? I need a new one for our vacation (I always think I'm going to read and never do until we get home again.) I looked yesterday at Costco but nothing peeked my interest.

Isn't it wonderful when our children turn out to be our best friends. I love nothing more than spending the day with all my kids. They are a pretty fun bunch. I'm glad you had such a Happy Mother's Day celebration.

Saw the picture on Instagram of you at Bruce's birthday party. I wouldn't have recognized him but, of course, you look just the same!! Tell him Jim retired at 62. Bruce is getting pretty close.

I hope you have a happy Sunday.

Cougarnana said...

Jim and I just looked at your birthday party picture again and we've decided that CAN'T be Bruce...right?