Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer 2014

I  dont love Summer...
LOVE Winter, Spring and Fall
But Summer... not so much
But I remember loving summer when the kids were home and we had long lazy days ! The pool,  beach , staying out late, smores and camping in the back yard.
Or when I was a kid just knowing you had those three months to play  !
Nothing better than being carefree and doing whatever
Well guess what?
I am going to have that kind of Summer this year
I decided to make a list of all the fun things I want to do and be deliberate about filling the days and making great memories
We dont have any "vacations" on the books but who says we cant have fun right here ! 
So Carter and I both wrote down some ideas and put them up on the fridge and hopefully will be checking them off

We started yesterday off right with a spontaneous  trip to Carlsbad ! We packed a lunch, some drinks and our boogie boards. And it was such a blast !
One of my favorite episodes of "Friends" is when Phoebe runs with Rachel .She runs like a dork with such abandon and joy !
Well that's kinda like me when I swim. I feel like a big dork and I love the freedom of knowing  I can have fun without always being self conscious and nervous. I do handstands, I twirl and I dive to the bottom then float to the top !
I'm just not going to listen to that voice that says " you're too chubby" or "you're too old"  "people might think you're nuts"    
Yesterday it felt so good to get in the salt water and play !
Yep thats my summer tag phrase
"Lets go somewhere"
Here's a peek at some of our list~
Knotts Berry Farm
Reagan Museum 
Rose Bowl swap meet
Swim in the ocean at least once a month
Attempt Paddle boarding { Travis thinks we can do it? } 
Take Beckham to Sea World
Read three books 
Kayak Mission Bay
Have The Greeks for a family Crab Boil
Getty Museum
Have my friend Sandy out for a sleepover 
Rent a camper for a weekend and go to the Lake
Play a golf game or two with my hubby
Fly my niece Sara out for a few days of pedicures, movies, swimming and fun !

Whats on your summer bucket list?
Any fun ideas ? Let me know...
I have lots of room to add more fun ! 

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Holly Girl said...

Karen I've been feeling the same! I love your list and may have to borrow a few ideas! Went to Moonlight Beach last Sunday, but didn't get in the water, too cold! Next time for sure! Have you been to The Yellow Deli in Vista? (yellow's my favorite color) It's suppose to look like a treehouse, and all the veggies are grown on their land! Kind of a hippie feel I think. They're open 24/5! In case you get a hankering' at 3:00 a.m. for a Club sandwich I guess!! (Who wouldn't?) I think most people only WISH they could be "nuts" in public, so you go girl and handstand and twirl away! That's liven'!!