Monday, January 6, 2014

New Beginnings !

Another saying my mom LOVED  was " New beginnings "
I have shared before how much I love a new month, a new calendar, a  flip of the page and a fresh start !
I am thankful for Gods amazing grace because He truly does make all things new
No matter how far we go in the wrong direction it is always just one step back in the right direction

And I am always mindful of His grace and forgiveness to us and a chance again and again for a new beginning 
I am not a resolution person ! 
As I sit here...
I'm in jammies although it is only 5 pm. It was a long day and I was so cold so I climbed into my flannels and am happy as a clam.I am drinking a Bargs diet root beer with lots of ice and a straw
I should resolve to not drink diet soda and not to eat sugar although I must have had at least ten "King Leo" soft mints that were in my purse while I was out running errands today
But its ok....
I am not only going to give grace to others but I am going to give it to myself as well.
I made a note on my iphone titled
" Twenty Fourteen"
And I have been jotting down ideas and goals for this new year
I have areas in my life that I truly want to work on
But I know I will fail....
And I am going to let myself and other people down
But my heart is right and my motive is to be better and have more days that I can look back and see improvement  
Here are some of my ideas that I jotted down~ 
Find more time for reading  { I LOVE to read and often do not carve out enough time}
Give away more...Simplify my life and house { this has been fun! I hate to throw things away so I have been taking things to work and posting a note saying if you can use this please take it! And I swear at the end of my shift its gone! Cookbooks, candles, purses, candy, you name it ! People seem to love my stuff and it is way more fun that trying to sell it for a few dollars}
Send Sara more mail  { she LOVES mail like her auntie and I am going to send more cards and notes. Such a small thing that brings her such joy }
Walk the meadow three times a week with Brody { we both love it so much and it's so good for us }
No cell phone while in public! { no checking it while with people at lunch. I have been guilty of the thing I truly resent, so time to put myself on check and keep it away } 
Pay off all debt! { almost there but determined to wipe it all out this year! }
This is my mantra for the year.....
I saw this graphic on a blog somewhere and forgive me for not giving credit but I truly cant remember where it was. It was a few months ago and it struck a cord!
I am going to simply  BE , spend more of my time content to simply BE
I can often be a spazz, and get wound up with plans and packing more than I should into my days to give them "meaning"  But this year I am going to try to be more still
To Be Simple and Simply Be !
What are your dreams this year? I would love to know! I will be praying they come true for you!
And if they dont ...I will be praying you will be ok with it
Walk in Grace and give yourself a little slack
Swing on the swings, have a donut,  stay up late watching movies, let the dust be
Life goes way too fast  !



Heather said...

Hi Karen! I'm Heather and I have a question about your blog that I was hoping you could answer! If you could email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com that would be great!

Anonymous said...

Darling post Sophia! It has given me lots to think about. Our family (all 20 of us) has, what we call, Family Home Evening (FHE) once a month. Well it's supposed to be once a month but we've gotten a little off track so my first goal of the year is to get back on track and we are having our first FHE of 2014 this Monday night. I'm giving a lesson on goals, etc. I like goals but I don't set enough of them for myself so this year I'm trying to resolve that by making a "New Year's Resolution" to set more goals and stick to them. One of them is to keep our FHE schedule on track which means I have to "encourage" my daughters to keep on track too and since I don't want to be a "nag", sometimes that can be a challenge. Anyway, we're going to talk about goals this Monday night and hopefully they will be "on board" with some of my goals and help me get them accomplished.

Of course there's the regular stuff like lose 25 pounds, eat less sugar, eat more healthy food, walk every morning, etc. but I've already blown those a few times in the last 10 days but I'll keep at it. Tonight we're going to the movies with Reg and Sherrie to see an R-rated movie, something we haven't done in many years, but apparently (according to R and S) it's something worth breaking our resolution (that we made a few years ago) of "no R-rated movies" for. We'll see.

Also, what did you think of DA?? I know my girls squealed on me that I have already watched the entire Season 4, which I have. But when I watched episode 1 on Sunday night on my big TV, it was just like it was brand new and I loved it all over again. It's good this year. I really miss Matthew...a LOT...but I think it will be OK, eventually. Begin to prepare yourself for episode 3, it's rough but no one dies so that's a good thing.

Well I'd better go read my Instagram assignment in the Book of Mormon (another goal for the year) and then go for my walk. Jim and I have our weekly date of going to Costco today and our light guy is coming to take down our outdoor Christmas lights...FINALLY!

I think this comment is longer than your post, how embarrassing, but my motto is why say something in just a few words when you can say a gazillion!! Love you lots. Your phone call during the holidays made them the best ever!

Anonymous said...

About Downton Abbey...Soooooo was Episode 2 that was bad (as you probably know by now). When I watched it on that website, I think the first night was in 2 episodes which made me think it was episode 3 that was the bad one. Anyway, sorry I misled you. I hated to have something like that happen to sweet Anna (she and Tom are my favorites).

Abigail said...

I love these. I am on the same mind set this year. Read more, give away more, simplify things!

Love you!