Sunday, December 15, 2013

Happy Christmas !!

Today is the 15th which means just ten more days until Christmas !!
And I'm ready...
And so happy about that
Most of our gifts are wrapped,and under the tree with cute little homemade pom poms
My "thing" this year
Its been a busy,  fun season and I have loved it so much
I hosted our second annual "Favorite Things" party and we had a blast!
I made lentil soup, tortilla soup with all the fixins, and a big delicious spinach salad.
There was going to be 7 of us and our dear friend Vickie who moved away was going to face time with us and send her gifts ahead of time
Well I went to answer the door and who was there?  
Yep she flew in for the fun !
We were all so shocked!
We had the best time and were so blessed with lots of fun gifts!!
Some of our "favorite" things were
Soft lips mint chapstick  {which is fabulous} Soft cozy socks,Candles and a cute vase,Frozen Yogurt gift certificate,Tea, and Christmas Kleenex, wine chillers, Homemade Christmas wreaths {which were to die for cute and I got one! Thanks Vickie}  A cozy "red" blanket, and I gave my favorite scalloped cake plate.
Hilarious Janice wanted to include a piece of Sees  candy but was over her $7.00 limit so she made her hubby meet her at Sees and they stood in line twice to get samples !
We  all cracked up because only she would go to so much trouble to bless her friends and still follow the rules
We had lots of laughter and fun and decided we are going to have another Summer Favorite Things party because we dont want to wait another year.

Good friends, great conversations, giggles and hot cocoa ....
I cant think of anything  more perfect !
The gift of friendship is the very best of all ! 
If I could have given a perishable gift it would be these!!!  Do yourself a favor and try these.
It is my new favorite thing and I am addicted. They pop in your mouth and are so juicy and fresh
Trust me ......


Abigail said...

Love! So glad it all worked out.

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

What a fun group of ladies!! and what a fun night!

Anonymous said...

What a fun party! I think I need a few more details about your "favorite things". So you have a price limit of $7.00? Is that right? Do you bring just one gift, costing $7 and then exchange (like a white elephant gift)? Or do you bring a favorite thing for everyone? Then you fly someone in as a surprise (does everyone pitch in for the cost of the plane ticket? I'm just kidding about that part, hehehe) Anyway girl, send me the details, I think I want to have one of these.

Anonymous said...

Another your "favorite things" party your bunco group party or are these separate parties, with different friends. If they are separate, then I have to get busy making some new friends and I'll need some time to do that, so send the info quick!