Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bragging rights ...

I know....
I already put it on Facebook and told everyone I know about Chads rescue but I want to make sure I blog it too! 
This sweet boy of mine is worthy of it..
Somewhere there is a momma who still has her son because of mine !
That dawns on me often
This particular day the waves were huge! We were all down at the beach watching the surfers since I was in San Diego watching Beckham for a couple days . I had met up with my sweet friend Brian from Albertsons and we were watching the huge surf. Chad had already made one rescue of a surfer who got caught in the waves. Chad was bandaged up because he had cut his leg on the reef.
And an hour later he got this call. A guy was unconscious in the water and Chad was the first responder.
We were at Travs having dinner and he was telling us the story and mentioned " yeah I might be on the news tonight "


 Then his phone started getting texts and people saying "I think we saw you on TV"
 Here is the the  news story! ..
I am so proud of this boy of mine for so many reasons but this day I am extra thankful God placed him where he needed to be  !  Chad never has fear of these circumstances and just jumps right in knowing he is capable of it
He is going to hate this post but this momma cant help herself.
The Cleavers are so proud of  you Beaver :)  

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