Tuesday, November 19, 2013

We love fighting over gifts !

My bunco group is soon having our annual Christmas Party !
We always have so much fun, and include the guys for a night of merriment and cheer!
There is much laughter and always great food
Then us girls have a gift exchange with a $30.00 dollar limit
We draw names, open the gifts and steal like crazy to get the one everyone wants
Its all such good fun, and most of the time no one gets hurt

So I try like crazy to find that one terrific gift that will be the hit of the party and everyone will scratch and claw for!

So I am asking you, My sweet readers to help me find the perfect present !
What has been a gift that was so fun to receive ?
No gift cards...
A real gift...
One worth getting ghetto "get me some of that" crazy over
My tree is up
My mantle is done
The stockings are hung !
I have been a busy elf , and this one gift has me stumped
Send me your thoughts elves 
I Love you ~ Mrs Claus 


Cougarnana said...

Hmmmmm....I'm thinking

maggie gonzalez said...

I am in the same spot.....but with a $15.00 dollar limit.....hmmmm maybe one of those firefighter calenders....

chris aka mama bird said...

1. a warm and fuzzy scarf {but it has to be soft, not scratchy}

2. olive oil from the Temecula Olive Oil Company...but I love to cook

3. The Pentatonix Christmas it. Little Drummer Boy is all over Facebook

Good luck & hope you love the gift you win!

chris aka mama bird said...

perhaps bunco has already happened but here are three ideas...
1. oilve oil from the temecula olive oil company. i love to cook and won this a few years ago.

2. a warm & fuzzy scarf from farmer's wife.

3. the pentatonix Christmas CD. their version of "little drummer boy" is all over Facebook.

hope you love the gift you win!