Friday, November 15, 2013

One day...

My new, old friend Chris { Who is remarkable,more on her later }
had on her instagram the idea of sharing a day
Just a ordinary "day in your life"
I took the pictures but was so busy that the "day" got away with me
So I thought I would blog my day
It was Wednesday
My least favorite day because it is the day we change prices at work and I am up and off early !!!  I leave my house at 2:45 am    #nevergetseasier
I had been down to see Beckham Tuesday and Ashlyn brought me the yummiest pumpkin treat from my favorite spot in San Diego {Con Pane} so I took it to work and shared it with my girls over Starbucks coffee.  I would have rather eaten the whole thing but I was extra nice since Santa is coming

After work I had a hair appointment with my doll Kristy ! She is the cutest and so darn fun to be with. She was running late so I snapped a pic of her putting on her shoes in the car {and by shoes I mean killer boots that were darling } Left her place with a new do and all the gray gone!
Then I put out these darling flowers that I picked from the kids back yard! Flowers always make me so happy  !

I ran a few errands extra happily because I found a ALL Christmas station ! Makes not having my satellite anymore so much more bearable.I know its only Nov 13th but clearly I am not the only one who loves to start the season off early  

When I got home there was a box from Amazon.Everyone knows this girl LOVES her mail and getting packages. It was full of Christmas gifts for my loves so of course that thrilled me 
That night I was going to be away in the evening so I decided to make my hubby a nice dinner. Even though he said he was fine with making a quick sandwich, I know he appreciates it.Not too pretty but delicious and in my favorite pot from Le Creuset !
Then it was off to Book Club for me !  We met at Macaroni Grill for appetizers, drinks and  always great conversation !  We picked our book for next month. Wally Lambs new book" We are water" We all really like him and are anxious to read this one
Got home at seven, threw in a load of laundry and snuggled on the couch. Then off to bed at 9 because it had been a long busy day !
I don't remember but I bet my sleep was filled of dreams of my little best friend! I had the best day with him and his love for those silly gnomes by their house makes me smile! I saw him kiss two and hurriedly put my phone on video to capture the last kiss. He slays me!

It was a good day, a ordinary day, but looking back it was filled with love and joy !
And those are the best days of all

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