Monday, October 21, 2013

Just thinkin...

I love singing this song to Beckham boy !  I remember my own mom singing it to me
Random sweet memories have been filling my mind lately and  making me smile
Dave and I often text back and forth little snippets of our childhood and we try to remember things long forgotten
So fun to have brothers who you can text with silly questions like " what was the name of the pizza place on our block" or "remember how much Dad loved Bobs Big Boy dressing"

Life has been crazy busy with all kinds of fun...
We went to a wonderful wedding, I threw a baby shower for a sweet friend from work,we celebrated Chloes birthday , I had book club, had lunch with my dear friend Krissy and I have been working a ton! I am so tired but I'm so thankful for crisp Fall days and such sweet people to share life with!

I also have a fun tip to share !
I love tortilla soup. Not as much as my home made lentil which is still always such a hit,but tortilla is next in line. My friend Barbie brought me some and when I asked for the recipe she showed me a bag?

It is seriously amazing. I add fresh rotisserie chicken and serve it with tortilla chips, fresh cubed avocado and  jack cheese. It's really good with fresh cilantro too. I served it at the shower and everyone wanted to the "recipe"  Try it ...I think you'll love it too!

Lastly The Tennessee Krikacs are coming for Thanksgiving, and at least five days a week Sara leaves me a message with the countdown to how many more days!
She is so excited to be with our big Greek family and hang out at aunties
It makes me even more excited too!

Pray that I can take some time off from work to really enjoy them. It is such a busy time at the "palace" and I am so stressed about them coming all this way and me having to be gone ...
Praying for a miracle and at least a few days off 

Well hows that for random? Just a little bit of this and that to share with those who pop by. Thanks to my childhood friend Donna for always encouraging me to keep writing.
I LoVe that you read my blog and that it makes you smile !

This guy sure makes me smile....
Being his YaYa is pure joy ! 


maggie gonzalez said...

How sweet my sweet dear Mother Elizabeth used to sing.....Bushel & a peck & a hug around the her 3 girls......and of course I share that sweet song with my kiddos & granddaughters and I add a hug around their necks.......Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your Family....Be blessed & be fed <3

Anonymous said... mom sang that song to me my whole life. So fun to remember that.

I broke out in a sweat when you talked about getting time off for the holidays. I remember when that was such a HUGE worry for me. It usually worked out but not always and, of course, it NEVER worked out for Jim!! Oh those Albertson's days! I must admit that that is one of the biggest perks about getting more working days. I hope you get all the time off you need to spend every day with your visiting family.

Thanks for the soup tip. Jim and I were just talking about our favorite soups last night (another weird thing about getting old....we talk about food a lot). My favorite is Chicken Enchilada at Chili's. I also make this wonderful Tortellini Soup every Halloween, it's really Sherrie's recipe but I say it's mine.

I love the cute picture of Beckham. I also love that he's just in his diaper...I thought Kaci was the only mom who didn't dress her children...I'm glad to know she's not!!! Honestly her children have darling clothes but they outgrow them before they ever wear them.

Thanks for keeping us up on your random thoughts. I love each and every one of them. P.S. I also love Dave....just like I stole Sherrie's recipe, I think I've stolen Dave as my brother. Keep on writing.

Sara Beara said...

I have to find that sign somewhere and buy it! My grandmother always said that to me when we'd get off the phone. It makes me cry! On a lighter note, I'm happy you love things a bushel and a peck :)